Senior Official: British Border Letting Terror Suspects In – Makings of a False Flag

By Shepard Ambellas
July 16, 2012

HEATHROW — Ever since G4S (one of the largest private security outfits in the world) fell short on their promised security staff for the 2012 London Olympics, it almost seems as if the British government has purposely left the flood gates open at the border checkpoint.

Photo Credit: WikiCommons Heathrow Airport

From fast-tracked passports to security just letting terror suspects through, it seems all too unreal to not be staged.

An excerpt from the Guardian reads;

The official said he was personally aware that three terror suspects – all of whose names are registered on the Home Office suspect index system – had been waved through by staff on his shifts since the start of July. Border officials should immediately notify counterterrorism police or MI5 if they suspect that “SX travellers” are attempting to enter the UK. Another colleague alleged that five suspects were “missed” in one day earlier this month.

“It’s all new faces,” said the senior official. “The rest of the staff, I have no idea where they have come from, how long they are here for, what their background is. These are people who have been forced by their own department to come here.”

Countless other publications have pointed out numerous cases of predictive programming, symbolism, and pre-posturing of some type of diabolic agenda surrounding the 2012 Olympic games.

According to the Guardian and others, over 3500 military personal have been deployed over the last few days to fill the security gaps for G4S.

Meanwhile, all of this “loss of security” rhetoric is being publicized worldwide thus essentially begging terrorists to attack.

This could also be a form of pre-stagging for a massive false flag terror attack that could quite possibly gain the US a means to attack Iran or wage a war in the region (once again in the name of terror).

It would also be a great cover for a collapsing European economy.

Another interesting aspect about all of this, according to the Guardian, is the fact that, on July 25th which happens to be the busiest day for Olympic traffic, more than half of the staff are relief-staff.

Does this strike anyone as being odd, or is it just me?

What else hits me like a ton of bricks is the fact that G4S told the British government at the last minute that they were short staffed, not allowing ample time for “Plan B”.

According to the Guardian;

On the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said it was “completely normal” for a contractor to fail to deliver on a major project.

He refused to criticise G4S, saying it had acted “honourably” by raising with the government the problems it was experiencing.

He said the government had “of course been monitoring the situation with G4S, and their management told us right up until last week that everything was on track. But we’ve had that contingency plan for many months and we are just very lucky to have fantastic armed services who can come when we need them and they will do a brilliant job.”

Home Office ministers were warned about security issues surrounding the Games 10 months ago. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary raised its concerns in a confidential report in September 2011 after a number of inspections to test that the security plans of Locog, the Games organising committee, were on track.

The Home Office said HMIC had not carried out an investigation into G4S, and the issues flagged by HMIC had all been dealt with by February.

This all sounds to outlandish, you can’t even make this type of stuff up.

Could this be some form of collusion with G4S and/or the British government’s hierarchy or black sector — or just a simple error?

Could an illumines faction of G4S be setting up the British government?