Seven Trumpets: Strange sounds from heavens caught on tape


Seven trumpets of the Apocalypse, the biblical tale, coming true?

seven trumpets anglesWaiting For The Word/Flickr
By Lexi Morgan

(INTELLIHUB) — The Bible is considered a well-documented scripture throughout the all regions of the world and its teachings remain tried and true to this very day–including the Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse tale.

Although most believe a few of the biblical trumpets may have already been sounded, possibly in the form of mushroom clouds, strange new sounds are being heard all over the Earth in recent years that have many looking to the heavens for answers.

One event such was captured on tape in Queensland Australia back in Jan. 2012.

“What the hell is that,” a man’s voice says as strange almost mechanical sounds can be heard coming from the sky while a young woman looks up.


“Is that coming from the clouds,” the man who was filming at the time asked.

Shockingly this has happened more than once and from different parts of the world.

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Terrance B.C., Aug. 29, 2013:

Kimberly Wookey/YouTube

Then, most recently, on April 8, 2015, a similar occurrence was captured on the video below.

Some suspect the sounds have been faked, while others speculate they are either Godly in origin or some type of cloaked, super-advanced, craft lingering in the atmosphere.

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