Shanghai: 16,000 Dead Pigs and Still No Origin


A strange course of events that can’t be traced to the source for some reason in China leave people wondering where 16,000 dead pigs came from

By Shepard Ambellas

SHANGHAI (INTELLIHUB) — As of now it looks like the government has finally almost finished up getting 16,000+ dead pigs out of a local river that feeds 22% of Shanghai’s water supply.

What seems odd about this situation and the dead pigs is that the Chinese government says it can’t find the source. This should be concerning to most.

Logically thinking, I don’t see why that would be a problem. Wouldn’t one take a helicopter, plane, or vehicle upstream until they found the source of 16,000 dead pigs? I mean at one point there would be no more dead pigs upstream and you would then be able to locate the source.

Well of course it would, and that’s why in my opinion I think there could be more to this story then meets the eye.

Today the Raw Story reported;

The total number Shanghai had removed from the river, which supplies 22 percent of the city’s drinking water, had reached 10,924 as of Sunday afternoon.

In addition, Jiaxing in neighbouring Zhejiang province, whose farmers are accused by Shanghai of dumping the dead pigs into the river upstream, had found 5,528 carcasses, state radio said last week.

Mystery remains over the exact origin of the dead hogs. Jiaxing has insisted it was not the sole source, while Shanghai said its farms have not reported an epidemic which would kill pigs in such large numbers.

The images of dead pigs in China’s commercial hub have proved a huge embarrassment for the city, which is seeking to grow as an international financial centre.

The scandal has highlighted China’s troubles with food safety, adding the country’s most popular meat to a growing list of food items rocked by controversy.

Animals that die from disease can end up in China’s food supply chain if improperly disposed of, despite laws against the practice.

Samples of the dead pigs have tested positive for porcine circovirus, a common swine disease that does not affect humans.

Although the government says the pigs were infected with a virus it still boggles me that the source is unknown.




(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


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