Shepard Ambellas & Alex Jones talk about the elites quest for God-like power


Are the globalist getting ready to launch a race-specific extermination? Ambellas & Jones wargame the idea

(INTELLIHUB) — Intellihub Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellas joined radio talk show host Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show Sunday where the two discussed race-specific bioweapons, 3G and 5G towers, and God-like power.

During the broadcast, Ambellas told Jones that we are at a “turning point” and said that “it’s do or die” when it comes to making a push for our individual freedom.

“We are basically in the thick of it right now […] and a lot of people are not even paying attention right now […],” Ambellas said. “If they are paying attention they are getting distracted by all of the wrong things and they are sitting there infighting and it goes on and on and on.”

Infowars Commander-In-Cheif Alex Jones then brought up the fact that diabolical globalists may be to the point of wanting to release “race-specific” bioweapons onto the populace which Jones pointed out they have written white papers about.

Jones said: “[…] as soon as their world government is in, as soon as A.I. is in full control, the globalists have all said in their white papers, because they have to warn us up front, they’re going to release the bioweapons, Shepard. […] The big question is who is going to launch race-specific first,” Jones said.

That’s when Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas brought up all of the mass graves which have already been installed and prepared for American citizens and pandemic preparedness plans which Ambellas said are unique to every state.

Ambellas is well-versed on the subject of pandemic preparedness after breaking a major story for Infowars on March 25, 2009, when he captured images at a military cemetery of workers preparing covert mass graves for U.S. citizens under the cover of darkness.

Additionally, the dynamic-duo talked about how the elites plan to turn us into an ‘asexual race of mindless worker-bees‘ or even ‘4-foot-tall grey alien-like beings with gray skin and no muscle tone.’

“Everyone is turning into a snowflake,” Ambellas said. “You know when I was a kid we were out riding our dirtbikes jumping jumps, breaking bones.” Jones agreed, “It’s like we are living in the matrix.”

“It’s like we are living in the matrix,” Jones agreed. “It’s because they want to divide us all cause globalists are killing everybody. They want us fighting with each other while the big telecoms, while the big Googles, roll in with the A.I. takeover.”

“They are to the point where they “have just about castrated society to the point of where they are ready to do this massive takeover […] it’s their last stand,” Ambellas pointed out.

Jones said that Ambellas’s analysis was “so on target.”

The two went on to talk about the dangers of 3G and 5G technology and LED light bulbs.

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