Shepard Ambellas: Bilderberg Here We Come


By Shepard Ambellas
May 25, 2012

The scene on opening day of the now renown (previously secretive) Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia on May 31st might actually feel surreal as activists and members of the alternative media converge on the property line of the Westfields Marriott to document the event as over 130 of the worlds most predominant businessmen, financiers, and oligarchs gather behind closed doors to discuss the future of the planet amongst themselves.

In fact, the meeting will be the 60th annual meeting of the Bilderburgers and some of the most predominant alternative  members in the world will be on location to try and grab their shot at exposing the elites agenda and gain explicit intel on the attendees, topics, and highlights of the meeting.

Jim Tucker, a top journalist for American Free Press will be covering the event as he has since 1975, exposing the Bilderberg global crime syndicate. Other Journalists and alternative news outlets will be on site as well, including but not limited to members of: AFP, Infowars, and The Intellihub.

The Intellihub will have live streaming coverage which can be found at our Official Page (Located at the top of our main page under the ‘Bilderberg 2012’ tab).

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