Shepard Ambellas discusses the Deep State’s current strategy and Trump’s recent flip-flops

Was Donald Trump selected to be President as part of some elaborate globalist deception?


(INTELLIHUB) — Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas appeared on SGT Report Saturday to discuss the Deep State’s strategy to undermine the Trump Administration and make it appear as if President Donald Trump is ‘flip-flopping’ on everything.

The popular alternative media personality questions how much power President Trump really has and maintains that the Deep State is making it almost impossible for the President to maneuver.

“You just know they are not going to let him exercise any control because essentially the Deep State or essentially everybody that’s in government, every sitting congressman and senator, pretty much 99.5% of them or something, are pretty much part of the Deep State,” Ambellas said. “They are basically operatives that have been salted into the government, bought and paid for, blackmailed, bought off, and Democrat and Republicans are still moving in the same direction.”

“Basically, Trump had to play ball,” Ambellas said.

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