Shepard Ambellas gives the latest inside baseball on the whole Syrian missile strike fiasco: Video

'The neocons perpetrated the attack along with operatives of the Deep State'


In Episode 1 of Shep’s World, now available on Vid.Me, Shep lays out exactly what has transpired and brought us to where we are today after President Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airbase Thursday.

In the video, the popular internet journalist and political analyst said that it’s likely the “neocons” that perpetrated the attack.

“People like Senator John McCain, Senator Linsay Graham, who have ties over in Syria. John McCain was recently over in Syria,” Ambellas said. “They could have quite possibly set up the Syrian gas attack which so many believe is a false flag.”

Sen. McCain traveled to Syria on a secret visit mid-February and meet with military forces, as reported by The Hill’s Mallory Shelbourne.

Friday, Ambellas also pointed out how there are videos of people handling the victims of the alleged “chemical attack” and they were not even wearing gloves.

Ambellas said that the chemical used is deadly because it can be absorbed through the skin just by coming in contact with it.

“If this stuff comes in contact with your skin you are like done,” Shep said.

Ambellas said that the whole “war machine apparatus,” the “Deep State,” backed the strike.

H/T: Tabertronic/Twitter

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