Shepard Ambellas issues red-level warning over “Russian narrative” fiasco

Reporter issues alert surrounding the Trump-Russian situation


(INTELLIHUB) — Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas appeared on YouTube Thursday, issuing a red-level alert over the “Russian narrative” fiasco.

“We have to fight back.” I need your help. This is a bigger information war than ever,” Ambellas said.

The veteran reporter said that he wants to “intensify” his actions against the “Deep State” before “it’s over.”

Shep believes the “Russian narrative” was designed to not only dethrone the Trump Administration but take out prominent alternative media agencies and figureheads.

According to Ambellas, he has experienced some “weird stuff” happen ever since he had contact with the Trump Campaign in 2016 when he solicited the campaign for press passes to a “California rally.”

“I had somebody call up and get a weird message,” Ambellas said. “Like my phone was transferred to the State Department or something like that.”

In the video, Ambellas talked about just how strange things have gotten over the past several months and mentioned the shadowy group PropOrNot as a finger of the “Deep State apparatus,” as he called it.

‘They want to put away or take out the alternative news once and for all so that that they will have no competition — they will then own the entire narrative.’

“They are not going to stop,” Shep said. “They are doing everything in their power to keep that information from coming out and they want to regain control because see they’ve lost control.”

“As Obama was exiting he got together with the State Department and they formed this secret ‘7th Floor Group‘ which Intellihub reported about. It’s a “shadow government,” Ambellas said.

The highly secretive group was said to have been cleared out of the State Department entirely by Trump appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson which is what likely prompted Obama to set up shop in D.C. post-tenure.

“All of these people are part of the C.I.A.-N.S.A. Deep State apparatus. They are all approved to be in there. They all know that there is this secret sinister shadow government running behind the scenes.”

“But the thing is, Trump is just a citizen so he didn’t have access to all of this. When he became President they kept him out of all of this, they kept him out of certain briefings because, you know, the Deep State just does what it wants. But all and all the Deep State’s lost some of its power […] but they are still controlling thing, they are still orchestrating things behind the scenes […] now, their biggest battle is literally the alternative media.”

Ambellas said he needs support to intensify his efforts to get the truth out.

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