Shepard Ambellas launches new radio show after several year hiatus

Shepard AmbellasShepard Ambellas/Photo by Martin Gastaldi of H2O Productions Hawaii

The Director of Intellihub News is back, 5 days a week

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — It’s been years since the founder and director of Intellihub News, Shepard Ambellas, has done his own radio show–and now he’s back from his hiatus for you to listen 5 days a week.

Episodes will be posted to and at the following URL:

The show, available on several platforms, will be made free for everyone to listen, download, or embed.

Please help Shepard promote the show by getting the word out on the street.

Feel free to listen to today’s episode (posted above) which was essentially a test of the system.

The Shepard Ambellas Show runs Monday through Friday, 5 days a week, airing on, also available on