(INTELLIHUB) — While the leftist-backed full-court press pushes to take away firearms from law-abiding U.S. citizens using Operation Mockingbird talking points, scripted questions and answers, several issues come to mind, radio talk show host and founder of Intellihub Shepard Ambellas explained on his show Wednesday.

“As with the Parkland school shooting we see David Hogg and other students who’ve jumped on the bandwagon with CNN and other media outlets, basically all of the leftist outlets, they are lining up with the Democrats the whole democratic agenda to take away and limit firearms in America,” the talk show host said. “They don’t want Americans to be able to own firearms, they basically want all Americans to be slaves and that’s what the Democrats ideology is on this.”

Ambellas went on to explain how hypocritical this all is by pointing out that the Democrats ultimately want to be protected by armed security or the Secret Service themselves.

“When you really think about it, they want to be protected,” he explained. “They want to be heavily secured, all of their stuff is heavily fortified, all of them run around with bullet-proof cars, the Democrats, the senators, the congressman, you know, anyone in that circle or in those circles, democrat or republican.”

“They run around, they are fully secured with firearms, their Secret Service, their security are all fully-armed but yet they want to be able to take the firearms out of the hands of the citizens so that the citizens in the United States of American absolutely cannot defend themselves against their tyranny, see that’s the thing.”

The outspoken talk show host made clear that the elites don’t like the fact that millions of firearms are floating around in the hands of Americans.

“They are outnumbered and they don’t like to feel outnumbered,” Ambellas said. “That’s why the Constitution was put in place to begin with and now they are infringing upon it, they have already infringed upon it in a number of places.”

According to Ambellas, the PATRIOT Act was written over 10-years in advance, was authored primarily by Joe Biden, and was rolled out right after the September 2001 attacks, as planned.

“They use the Hegelian dialect, they use problem-reaction-solution scenarios which they create and orchestrate through covert paramilitary operations, rogue CIA operations, rogue joint-Bush CIA operations, of course, in conjunction with the Saudi’s and what they do is just generate these problems,” he explained. “They generate the crisis and then they offer the solution and the solution they’ve offered us all is safety since 9/11.”

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