Shock: Mainstream media now openly praising and supporting violent, criminal leftist gang Antifa


Mainstream press moving to legitimize violent attacks by the hard-left

(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another shocking display of how far the mainstream media is willing to go to take out Donald Trump, various news outlets have essentially aligned themselves with the violent, left-wing anti-fascist group Antifa.

Yahoo News, CNN, and numerous other publications have all published uncritical pieces on the transparently violent group over the last 48 hours while at the same time attacking the president with “fake news” claims that he didn’t disavow white supremacists in his numerous statements to the nation after the horrific car attack in Virginia.

In perhaps the most shockingly blatant piece of propaganda on the group, Yahoo News published a piece by Caitlin Dickson that gushed over the “combative leftists”, even going as far as to include a photo of a “happy” group of warriors with their fists raised.

“Short for antifacist, the term “antifa” refers to a secretive movement of combative leftists, including many self-described anarchists, who are ready and willing to use violence in order to fight white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and others they deem to be fascists,” Dickson wrote.

In her quest to legitimize the group, Dickson specifically downplays their origins, leaving out key parts that would obviously turn off the causal reader.

“Like the authoritarian movements they seek to destroy, the antifa’s origins can be traced back to Europe in the 1920s and 30s. Since the end of World War II, antifa activity has ebbed and flowed along with that of neo-Nazis, skinheads and other hate movements that have sprung up around the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States,” she continued.

As Breitbart noted in an article about the piece, “In fact, as the avowedly Marxist-socialist periodical Jacobin magazine explains in a much more honest, if not less enthusiastic, appraisal, Antifa, originally known in its native Germany as Antifaschistische Aktion, was founded as the militant wing of the German Communist Party. In the 1930s, it was known to be every bit as violent as its Nazi opponents. After World War Two, Antifa groups re-formed in Germany to collaborate with Soviet communists on subduing the country and rooting out its past to create a new socialist utopia. They were active in Communist-controlled East Germany until that country’s Stalinist leadership got fed up, broke the groups up, and sent many of their leaders to gulags.”

To be fair, if you are writing a fawning piece you most likely wouldn’t want the general public to know the above noted stunning facts.

Dickson goes on to write that, “They prefer direct action: They pressure venues to deny white supremacists space to meet,” while completely failing to mention the actual violence that is the “direct action”.

“Neglecting to mention that “direct action” to Antifa means smashing people in the face with bike locks, spraying elderly men with bear macesending reporters to the hospital when they film them, and then bragging about it online, all because people with different opinions than theirs are allowed to speak, or simply be, in public,” the Breitbart piece continued.

CNN goes all in for Antifa

For their part, noted anti-Trump “news” network CNN has gone into overdrive in their shilling for the violent leftist group, with at least three different examples of their employees either expressing support for or downplaying actions carried out by Antifa.

First the network wrote an “explainer” piece on the group that literally failed to mention any of the violence they have carried out, instead opting to causally mention “property damage” for the reasons they remain controversial.

“In the section, “Why are they controversial?” CNN states that “the group is known for causing damage to property during protests.” This, in fact, is only one key reason why Antifa is “controversial” — the other is violence,” The Daily Caller reported.

“Antifa’s violence ranges from stabbing a police horse in the neck to beating people with bike locks. Antifa physically assaulted a reporter with The Daily Caller News Foundation in January and a search on YouTube reveals hours of footage displaying Antifa violence from protests across the nation. Antifa thugs are additionally known for assaulting police officers and chasing down fleeing people in order to beat them.”

CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner then took to the airwaves in an obvious attempt at legitimizing violence as long as its against anyone the left deems to be racist.

“There’s a group of anti-fascist called the black bloc, which do tend to get violent,” Sidner admitted. “Their idea is, look, non-violence hasn’t worked, we are going to try to stop this.”

“But, they wouldn’t have been there, they wouldn’t have been anywhere near there had it not been for the fact that white supremacists and neo-Nazis were out there scaring the living daylights out of most of the people in that town,” she continued.

Lastly, the publicly anti-Trump CNN host Don Lemon had to join in, downplaying literally everything about the group in another unhinged rant about the president.

“Everyone was sitting there watching, saying here we go, his true colors are coming out. To equate a group that is a protest group, two protests group. Yes, they are both protest groups, calling antifa. They were there protesting fascism. Maybe their tactics weren’t exactly right. It is messy. There is a difference between the two groups,” Lemon claimed.

Keep in mind all the documented attacks carried out by Antifa. To people like Lemon, as long as they are against the president they are apparently allies.

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