Shock video: Israeli border officer threatens to gas Palestinian women and children, murder an entire refugee camp


“Go home or we will gas you until you die. Your families, your children, everyone – we will kill you”

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — In a shocking video released Thursday, an Israeli border officer in the Aida refugee camp in the West Bank is heard threatening to gas Palestinian women and children if protesters do not stop throwing rocks.

The video was released by Yazan Ikhlayel, 17 who begun to film Israeli jeeps moving into the Aida refugee camp after demonstrations were held in the area. What he recorded is shocking to say the least.

The threats, broadcast via a loudspeaker on one of the jeeps, make clear that Israeli forces had planned to literally kill everyone in the refugee camp.

“People of Aida refugee camp, we are the occupation forces. You throw stones, and we will hit you with gas until you all die. The children, the youth, the old people, you will all die. We won’t leave any of you alive,” the Israeli officer is heard saying.

“We have arrested one of you. He is with us now. We took him from his home, and we will slaughter and kill him while you watch if you keep throwing stones,” the officer continues.


“Go home or we will gas you until you die. Your families, your children, everyone, we will kill you.”

According to Sputnik News, Ikhlayel begun to film after Israeli forces started to fire tear gas into the crowds in response to a few Palestinians throwing rocks at Israel’s separation wall.

“The most important thing I want people to see when they watch this video is to realize what the Israeli ‘democracy’ really is,” Ikhlayel told Middle East Eye. “They have said it for us now, they are an occupation – they said ‘we are the occupation army.’ It is proof, this is an apartheid country, it is not democratic at all.”

Shortly after the initial release of the video, the infamous online brigade of pro-Israeli shills attempted to discredit the horrific recording, insinuating that the translation on the video was off and that this was yet another Palestinian disinformation campaign.

That narrative was thrown out the window after an article by the Times of Israel confirmed the translation and reported that the Israeli border officer had been suspended.

As Sputnik noted, The Badil Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights said in a statement in response to the video that the messages amounted to a clear threat of extrajudicial executions, which would breach the Geneva Conventions.

“Such an announcement is remarkable in its stated contempt for human life, as well as raising a multitude of grave concerns as to the adherence of Israeli forces to central tenets of international law”.

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