Shocker: Majority of mindless Cali beachgoers, Hillary supporters, want to see Islamic Sharia Law here in America

burquaNewtown graffiti/Flickr

“It can’t be a bad thing”

CALIFORNIA COAST (INTELLIHUB) — “Hillary [Clinton] being involved in politics for several decades has decided that expanding Sharia Law in the United States is the best way to help move America forward; you think that’s the right idea,” Mark Dice asked mindless beachgoers.

Shockingly, almost all ‘Hillary supporters’ agreed with Dice, who was jokingly baiting them to respond for a YouTube video.

Mark Dice/YouTube

“I would say yes,” one woman responded.

“It can’t be a bad thing,” another replied.

A third woman interviewed by Dice said she would ‘vote’ for Hillary.

A man wearing a rather strange yellow outfit, boasting suspenders, commented, saying that he would be in favor of Hillary’s ‘Sharia Law platform.’ Imagine that.

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