Shooting reported at NSA

By Julian Hattem | The Hill

One person was killed and two injured in a shooting at the headquarters of the National Security Agency on Monday, according to reports.

Police on the scene reportedly opened fire after an SUV apparently tried to ram the gates and enter the secured grounds.

According to NBC News, a guard got into an “altercation” with two men who were trying to enter the facility dressed as women and driving a stolen Ford Escape.

NSA police shot one of the men dead and seriously injured the other, according to CNN.

A gun and drugs were found in the men’s vehicle, NBC reported.

The FBI, which investigating the assault, suggested the attack was an isolated incident.

“The shooting scene is contained and we do not believe it is related to terrorism,” FBI spokeswoman Amy Thoreson said in a statement. “We are investigating with NSA Police and other law enforcement agencies.”

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