Sierra Leone: Ebola patients expressing deep concern of forced isolation, fears of being taken and killed

By Shepard Ambellas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like during door-to-door sweeps here in America?

(INTELLIHUB) — According to a new report, many people in and around Sierra Leone have feared that their government is carrying out some type of mass extermination program, eugenics operation or organ harvesting scheme.

An excerpt from the article by Anna Hodgekiss reads:

‘Relatives don’t get to see what happens to patients when they are isolated, so some expressed fears that they were being taken away to be killed by doctors.

‘They don’t get to see the good facilities and great care that patients I see every day receive.

‘That meant some patients resisted being isolated and would try to run away or be carried off by family members.

‘This is a constant challenge even now, and presents real ethical dilemmas about whether we can or should restrain patients – and logistical ones about how it’s even possible to safely restrain an infectious patient without putting yourself at risk.’

He admits he ‘definitely hesitated’ when he was first confronted with a probable case of Ebola (it takes a few days to get lab confirmation).

Shockingly, there is a chance that all of this could soon arrive in America. Combined with the massive influx of illegal migrants and the construction and staffing of detention camps, this could essentially make the perfect storm per say.

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