(INTELLIHUB) — A small group of diabolic elite have banded together by virtue of legacy and common bonds — between their lust for greed and their madly ingenious, dark, yet unimaginable, conceptions, to one day form a “New World Order.”

This sinister global cabal just recently emerged from the shadows after a brave journalist by the name of Shepard Ambellas, along with his crew and filmmaker Jason Bermas, radio talk show host Alex Jones, and others, all called for a ‘peaceful protest’ of the Bilderberg Group in the summer of 2012, outside the global crime syndicate’s privately rented confab in Chantilly. This event was in turn reported on by members of the mainstream press for the first time as a reality and was dubbed the “turning point,” after the media managed to hide the group’s existence for nearly 50 years.

That summer Ambellas and his crew managed to capture amazing footage of what transpired and encompass it with brilliant cinematography unmatched by most independently released documentary films. To boot, the entire film is done in a Cinéma vérité format which compliments the artists creation — SHADE (2013).

The film goes onto explore sinister yet very real, documented, human experimentation these people are conducting on the inhabitants of Earth and even shows the blood tests to prove it!

“They do not want to be seen,” Dan Dick with Press For Truth said, pointing out how they “operate from the shadows,” in order to achieve their goals.

In the film author and historian Webster Tarpley goes into detail about the “extermination of the poor” and how it plays into the Elites agenda.

“They are incrementally controlling the populace through a legacy,” — Shepard Ambellas.

Elite to the likes of Ted Turner and Bill gates would like to see a massive population reduction worldwide. That means “getting rid of five billion people,” Luke Rudkowski of the grass roots organization We Are Change said.

“We must defeat their 1984” — Alex Jones


Image: Tyler Merbler/Flickr