SIRIUS: Is The 6 Inch Physical Specimen Human or Alien?


In the new documentary ‘Sirius’ a team of researchers studies a physical specimen that was obtained from Chile. Is the 6 inch physical body of human or alien decent?

Photo: Sirius
Photo: Sirius

by Arjen
Collective Evolution
May 4, 2013

I am sure many of you have heard about the documentary called SIRIUS. In this movie, one of the key features is the Chile specimen found in the Atacama desert. Sirius Disclosure has written a document (Read it here) concerning its findings. For all those who are interested, I will now attempt an evaluation and explanation of their findings, while not shying away from the scientific terms. I shall link to any evidence that I think is important, assuming that any reader will have read the document of Sirius Disclosure (link to above).

Sirius Disclosure was invited to Barcelona, Spain to examine the (male) specimen. They traveled to Barcelona in late September 2012 to obtain detailed X Rays, CAT scans and take genetic samples for testing at Stanford University. These samples were subsequently studied by Dr. Garry NolanCarlota A. HarrisDr. Ralph Lachman) and Dr. Manchon (Dr. Manchon). The findings are interesting to say the least. I have looked up the names given in the Sirius Disclosure document, in order to verify that scientists are actually involved in this. I have linked to references to these doctors on the Stanford website under the assumption that the people referred to are these doctors and that their findings are what they say they are.

This specimen is an actual biological entity and this is proven by the following CAT scan (CAT scan). First of all, it must be said that the specimen’s DNA resembles the modern human’s DNA (Homo Sapiens – Wikipedia) for 91%. This means a deviation of ‘only’ 9% exists. Furthermore, Dr. Nolan shows, (Summary) by reconstruction of the mitochondrial DNA sequence and analysis an allele, (Wikipedia)that the frequency is consistent with a B2 haplotype group (Wikipedia). This haplotype ( is found on the west coast of South America, supporting the claimed origin of the specimen from the Atacama Desert region of Chile. He can say with 100% certainty that the mother of the specimen was a human. The other part of the DNA however, he cannot account for. The above two facts has given some the thought that this specimen was a deformed, or dwarfed human embryo. However, this is contradicted by Dr Lachman´s report where we observe some severe differences between normal human bodies and this specimen:


– The abnormally short size for a 6-8 year old human
– Mid-face hypoplacia and underdevelopment on the jaw
– Only 10 rib sets, as opposed to 12, or exceptions of 11

This immediately rules out the embryo idea, since the specimen appears to be 6-8 years of age. It also rules out any known forms of deformation and dwarfism and states that deformation and dwarfism are characterized by a genetic marker, which is not present in the specimen. This leaves us to look at the 9% deviation from modern human DNA. While it is possible that the reason for the lack of a match can include artifacts generated during library preparation, low quality reads from the instrument, or insufficient data to allow computational alignment against the human reference standard.

Further, since this sample is likely to be at the least a few decades old and possibly older, DNA degradation resulting in apparently ‘false’ mutations can occur. However, Dr. Nolan states that: ” The DNA was of high quality, showing little to no serious degradation.” If we compare the 9% deviation to the deviation between the modern human DNA and that of the Neanderthal (Wikipedia) (0,5% deviation; deviated 350.000-400.000 years ago) and the deviation with the Chimpanzee (Wikipedia) (3-4% deviation, deviated about 4-6 million years ago), we must ask when this Chile specimen deviated from the DNA of modern humans? Interesting research (research) into the evolution of DNA shows that life might have began before Earth ever existed could explain this extreme timespan.

The conclusions of these findings are difficult to interpret since only one specimen was recovered. Sirius Disclosure suggests the Chile specimen is an Extra Terrestrial being. In the mean time, the scientists remain skeptical as there could be other explanations. This is good news to me. If the scientists would lose their natural sepsis, I would not think they are very reliable. The question arises: when would a reliable scientist ever admit a being originated on another planet? Perhaps when some form of visual conformation exists of a population of beings, travelling back and forth? Perhaps one living being stating as much? I do not know, but I do know that to me, this research, goes a long way towards proving this Chile specimen is something very special. If it is not extra terrestrial, at least there are new phenomena to catalogue. It seems to have many abnormalities never before recorded in human history.

Then only one question remains to be answered; is this research indeed for real? Of course I have no means of checking this. All I can say is that all of the current information checks out including names check out of researchers,  pictures, CAT-scans and X-Ray, which are all of high quality. In my opinion, if this is a hoax or a fraud, a very large amount of work has gone into it. Normally, groundbreaking research like this is followed by books, scientific articles, peer reviewed texts and then finally, mentions in mainstream news. If this is for real and everything is on the up and up, the scientists involved are busy with writing reports and getting peers to review their work and the samples. In a few years, many more publications should follow and many more scientists should connect their names to this and come up with all sorts of interesting information. Careers will be built on this and names will be remembered for this.

As I was about to submit this article, I found one email in my mailbox. Dr. Nolan has responded speedily to an inquisitive email of mine saying that he is busy writing a report and that more studies will follow. It seems that everything checks out. I think this is the real deal. Even if it is unclear what this real deal is.

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