Smart meters are the number one health hazard followed by cellphones, research shows


Utility companies—electric, natural gas and water—have retrofitted AMI Smart Meters, which are devastating human health. Here is a video, which describes and details what’s going on from AMI Smart Meters.

This video is the most comprehensive video (2 hrs 30 mins) I have found to date, so I encourage everyone to view and, also, please study it.

Pregnant women must hear the reasons why they should not sleep in a bedroom that has non-thermal radiation waves from smart meters penetrating it. Smart meters use a 905 Megahertz frequency that apparently is dumbing down those who are exposed to them.

Regular Dect phones base stations produce strong radiation fields.

Energies were measured up to six hundred times more than the set standards! EMF trauma to blood cells (rouleaux formation) is verified in this video.

Some people are so disturbed by AMI Smart Meter microwave radiation, they actually have become homeless because they could not live in their homes.

Video Presenters

Magda Havas, PhD, on blood cell “rouleaux” / “cell phones never tested for safety, and if cell phones were a drug, they would be illegal”

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD, on electric pollution

Jeromy Johnson, a TEDx Berkeley seminar / learn about the “thimble cell tower” / Infertility / DNA damage / Fiber optics is the safer and more secure way to go for technology / Create a safe place to sleep; turn off all technology at night

Baby Safe Project / wireless radiation impacts fetuses /

Hugh S. Taylor, MD, Obstetrician describes the animal cell phone model study on fetal mice evaluated as adult mice, which proved “dose response” / the Precautionary Principle

Dr Devra Davis, PhD. Book: “Disconnect” available on

Dr Maya Shetreat-Kline, MD, Pediatric neurologist / Right to be made aware; Precautionary Principle

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD. / Doctor is certified in “building biology.” / “Smart Meters are the worst invention” / body voltage / fetal genomes are tweaked negatively by cell phones and ambient man-made electromagnetic fields / Graham Stetzer filters / CFL light bulbs give off high frequency radiation / Smart Meters are surveillance devices, which utilities sell the data collected to others for advertising purposes; another revenue stream for them. / SMs are 600-fold above EPA set standards / Electrosensitivity versus electric allergy / “German method” of dealing with AMI SMs / Fiber optics versus microwave energies / Antenna function of the human body

Here’s a ComEd (an Exelon Company) less than 3 minute infomercial about how to register your smart meter connected devices in order to be hooked up to your AMI Smart Meter.

Here’s a hint about buying new appliances, especially if you don’t want to purchase those which contain a transmitter to connect with an AMI Smart Meter.

Check the back of the appliance to see if this address is on the back: 3MAC2 .

The above information truly is something I encourage readers to save; it’s that important!

Via Natural Blaze

Featured Image: miheco/Flickr

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