Smoking them out — California residents at wits end over smoke

Is there an action plan to burn and smoke residents out of the area before an impending natural disaster?

Gila National Forest/Flickr

California residents especially in Los Angeles are at wit’s end over smoke from the ongoing fires which have spread across the state.

Smoke from the El Dorado and Bobcat fires has shrouded L.A. and other areas in smoke and residents are claiming that their lungs are burning and there is no end in sight.

“You can barely see to the end of the block,” Stewart Pajares, a Pasadena resident told the press. My eyes and lungs are “burning.”

The EPA is informing people about the air quality but much like after the attacks of 9/11 when the EPA lied and said the air was safe to breathe the EPA can no longer be trusted to tell the truth which has some residents concerned.

It’s estimated that millions of people have already fled the states of California and Oregon to escape the madness of such poor air quality.

Now we must ask: Could the powers that be actually be burning and smoking people out of the area to displace the population for a coming natural disaster?

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