SNL skit attacks “alt-right” and “Pizzagate” conspiracy in skit


If the “Pizzagate” conspiracy is not real, then why are countless legacy media conglomerates attacking it?

(INTELLIHUB) — In what can only be described as a ‘fake news’ onslaught, legacy media conglomerates have been attacking what they call the “alt-right” and “fake news” outlets heavily over the past few weeks.

Now in a half-cocked comedy skit which aired Saturday, SNL actress and comedian Cecily Strong played the character “Cathy Anne,” who went on to poke fun, essentially standing up for the conspirators listed in what researchers have termed “Pizzagate,” a vast, dark conspiracy defined as a ‘pedofile and child-trafficking sex ring implicating John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and others.’

In the skit corporate financed SNL actors may be attempting to divert attention away from real facts exposed by real independent journalists, news agencies and researchers by comically pushing the falsehood that “alt-right” is in fact “fake news” and that “Pizzagate” is a joke.

“Can you believe that idiot ran into that pizza shop [Comet Ping Pong] with a gun and he didn’t leave with no money and no pizza? I mean hello,” ‘Cathy Anne’ said during the skit.

Her counterpart playing a news anchor, then replied, “Well he wasn’t trying to rob it. He thought he was trying to break up a pedofile ring,” garnering laughs from the audience.

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