(INTELLIHUB) — The National Defense Authorization Act has declared the United States a battlefield, meaning everyone inside the parameter of the united States has been deemed an enemy combatant of the state,” said Intellihub editor and podcast host, Shepard Ambellas on the latest episode.

Ambellas said that “we no longer have rights” and that they have all “been striped from us” via unconstitutionally issued “Executive Orders,” passed over the years. Mostly by the stroke of President Barack Obama’s pen and the Bushs’.

What they have done is turned the U.S. into a “battlefield,” a vast wasteland, in which they control the operatives which generate a nice cash flow for their private corporations, owned by insiders of current Administration’s clique.

Ambellas said these insiders are then rewarded with “no-bid contracts” and are paid with U.S. taxpayer funds in a diabolic scheme designed to loot the actual Corporation of the United States on a grand scale.

Obama has spent more money during his presidency than “every other presidency combined,” Ambellas said.

What they have done is formed a massive covert spy-net that is set up to monitor the American people. It’s called the Deep State.


“The technology that Snowden said they were spying on us with is generations behind” what they are using now, Ambellas said. It was all a front.

Snowden was only there to condition us that we were being spied on in the first place, so that eventually all Americans would accept that very fact as a reality.

We all know that we are being spied on, but the question is: do we care anymore?

You see that is the true PSYOP behind all of this.

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