(INTELLIHUB) — On May 30, 2016 Edward Snowden tweted that former CIA Director Michael Hayden verified that their was indeed a “Kill List.”

Here is how XKeyscore responded to Snowden:

While I and many others appreciate what you have revealed to the public, for instance; the information regarding Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group’s (JTRIG) domestic operations in the U.K., many of us wonder why you haven’t followed suit for the tens of thousands of innocent Americans being victimized in the US by the FBI and NSA via the post-911 COINTEL Program.

Targets of JTRIG’s 5 D tactics (Deny, Deceive, Degrade, Disrupt and Destroy) have been placed on a Soft-kill hit list which employs techniques to allow groups like JTRIG, FBI and the NSA to “neutralize” and kill targets while simultaneously providing for plausible deniability.

So you have acknowledged Soft-kill operations in England where citizens are red-flagged and black-listed for elimination, and you have acknowledged it in respect to yourself. To prove that Hayden’s assertion that you are narcissistic is incorrect, isn’t it time for you to acknowledge that tens of thousands of Americans, like yourself and the JTRIG Soft-kill victims in the U.K. are also being targeted for elimination, often with technology unknown to the general public (such as DEWs)?

So you have referenced JTRIGs Soft-kill elimination tactics via documents in the Intercept, you have referenced the existence of a US-generated “Kill List” in respect to yourself, now what about the tens of thousands of innocent Americans flagged for Soft-kills through social isolation, financial ruin, DEW-targeting, defamation of character, loss of family, warrantless searches, death threats, and cyber-harassment; which all fall within JTRIGs plausibly deniable 5D Counter-terrorism tactics?

These Stasi and Gestapo-styled activities run in the US constitute RICO Act violations, Nuremberg Code violations, and Geneva Convention violations. NSA and FBI consider Americans to be “greater threats” than foreign actors and people in the know, such as yourself have long been aware of kill-lists for innocent Americans, so when are you going to step up to the plate for fellow citizens who have no voice in the matter – and if you refuse to publicly divulge such a program — what are your true motivations — other than narcissism?

— XKeyscore

Additionally it’s also important to point out that Snowden was called out by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas for only going a portion of the way with his original data dump. Moreover Ambellas wrote that he believes that Snowden is “most likely still operational” and is likely “an asset of the alphabet soup.”

Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr
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