Snowden’s attorney detained and questioned at Heathrow by customs

Human rights attorney Jesselyn Radack, one of Edward Snowden’s lawyers, was detained at Heathrow Airport Sunday and subjected to hostile questioning

By Staff Writer

LONDON (INTELLIHUB) — According to human rights attorney Jesselyn Radack was singled out by customs agents at Heathrow Airport this weekend as Radack may appear on the “inhibited persons list”. Radack stated in a recent interview that she was previously on a U.S. “no-fly list” but is not totally sure if she appears on a inhibited persons list in the United Kingdom.

Radack said that the agents asked her rather intrusive questions, invading her client attorney privileges.

According to Radack the agents even brought up Bradley Manning, then eluding that he was a criminal to make her feel as if whistleblowers were criminals.