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For some time I have been warning of the threat of catastrophic warfare. The threat is real enough. One of the several, global, flash points that have the potential to spark a catastrophic conflict is the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, in which the USSA and NATO are deeply implicated. The Ukraine lies right on the border of Russia and as the USSA/NATO bloc becomes more and more deeply involved in the war there, the risk of a direct military confrontation with Russia is growing.

Unfortunately, the USSA and other NATO countries continue to ratchet up the military pressure. USSA regular military forces have now begun to arrive in the Ukraine. Canadian troops are also being sent to the Ukraine. As the Russians watch the foreign military build-up on their border, they may very well decide at some point that enough is enough, and retaliate. If they do the risk of a nuclear war surges dramatically.

This is not an academic question. The USSA and NATO are very openly targeting the Russian government and the Russians recognize that. The USSA and NATO are the aggressors in this conflict, the violent powers behind the neo-fascist regime in the Ukraine that has unleashed a war of aggression against its own Russian-speaking population in the eastern provinces of the Ukraine.

Have no illusions: if there is a hot war between Russia and the USSA/NATO alliance, and Russian cities are attacked, the cities of the USSA, Canada and the rest of the NATO countries become potential targets. Perhaps you are thinking, “But I live in Denver (or Omaha or Salt Lake City or St. Louis or Memphis or Atlanta or Phoenix or Ottawa or Toronto or Paris or London or Birmingham or Brussels …).”

I would rejoin that in the age of the ballistic nuclear missile that simply means that if a shooting nuclear war begins, you may have only 25 minutes (or less) left to live, between launch of a Russian nuclear missile and its arrival in or near your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that the USSA and NATO are the aggressors here. THEY are the ones building up military forces on the Russian border, not the other way around. If the USSA/NATO Axis attacks the Russians they will surely retaliate and then people in the USSA and the NATO countries will receive the bitter recompense of what their taxes have purchased. They are paying for nuclear war and they just may get it, if the USSA and the other NATO countries do not cease their unprovoked, unjustified, military hostility towards Russia.

There is also the matter of the ongoing death of the Pacific Ocean. The sardines are dying out, all up and down the west coast of North America. That matters because the small fishes are the base of the marine food chain. As they die, the organisms higher up the food chain also die, for want of food to eat.

The Pacific Ocean is dying, with massive, predictable and unpredictable consequences for North America (California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Mexico and beyond). The risk of war between the USSA, NATO and Russia is nontrivial and increasing. The USSA dollar continues to lose global market share, with major, predictable and unpredictable consequences for the USSA and beyond. A very serious drought continues to afflict much of the southwestern region of North America, with dire implications for California and beyond.

In the context of all of that, the USSA military has embarked on a multi-state series of so-called, urban warfare “training exercises,” which will include the massive, ten state “Jade Helm” exercise in a few months from now. These types of exercises are clearly preparation for martial law, including the extraction of dissidents for military arrest and imprisonment under the provisions of the NDAA, whcih authorizes the USSA military to secretly arrest and secretly, indefinitely detain anyone whom the government determines is a threat to national security.

How do you know if you are on the USSA government’s list for secret arrest and secret, indefinite detention by the USSA military?

Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? You don’t and won’t know and have no way of finding out, until they smash down your door at three o’clock in the morning and drag you away at gunpoint.

I wouldn’t be writing about this scenario at all, except that the USSA military has begun a series of exercises all across the country that clearly indicate that it is preparing to target the civil population of the USSA.

The implication is that the Rubicon has already been crossed and that the USSA government and its military now regard the civil population of the USSA itself as a threat to “national security” (whatever that means).

September – October Of This Year

The pace and scope of events is increasingly faster and larger. I am getting suggestions from a variety of sources that in about a half year from now events will reach a crisis point that will tip us into a new set of ugly circumstances.

Barring divine or angelic intervention, the current concatenation of events is trending in a profoundly negative direction, especially for the USSA. It certainly looks like the second half of this year will be filled with a variety of unpleasant challenges. I would not even venture to speculate about specifically what will happen in 2016, beyond observing that based on what is happening now things don’t look good.

Now Is The Time To Leave If You Are Going

Because most of my readers are in the USSA, I naturally slant most of my comments to them; however, much of what I say could also apply to people in Canada, the United King-“dumb”, France, Belgium, etc.

My frank perception is that the North Atlantic community, in Europe and in North America, is about to suffer a series of very rude shocks, that will bring great hardship to many millions of people. Ecological shock, financial shock, political crisis — and if there is war with Russia (as looks more and more possible), the crisis will be off the charts — for those who survive.

It takes time to organize a move, especially to another country. So if you are going to do it, now is the time to put it in motion. Not to think about it, but to actually do it. I sometimes get e-mails from people who tell me things like: “In five years I qualify for my pension, and the wife and I are thinking about possibly making a trip to Ecuador at that time to check out the possibility of moving down to South America.”

To tell the truth, I scarcely know what to think when I get e-mails from people who are so fast asleep. Listen: if you are coming, it’s better to come sooner, rather than later. Huge events are in motion on this planet and your monthly pension will quite possibly not even be there at all five years from now.

The world as we have known it is changing at warp speed right now.

In my view, for all of the reasons I have set out above, survivability is likely to be more probable in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere. The radiation from Fukushima alone is a major game changer. The radiation is effectively sterilizing the northern Pacific Ocean right now; it’s killing it. The human race is at the top of the global food chain, so if the Pacific Ocean is dying, what does that mean for humanity at large?

Obviously nothing good.

Recommendations for Moving To Ecuador and Argentina

I get e-mails from people asking me how much it costs to move to Ecuador. They get incensed when I tell them: “How should I know?” It depends on whether you have a wife and eight children and three large shipping containers of personal belongings, furniture and major applicances you want to ship down and move through customs (good luck with that), or are a single man who can make his way with a backpack and toothbrush, or are a 70 year-old retiree with special medical needs.

People ask me: “Will I have to speak Spanish?” And again I scarcely know how to reply. Is it not completely obvious that if you are going to live in a Spanish-speaking country that you will need to speak Spanish, or learn it as quickly as possible, if you do not already know the language? You would think some things would not even need to be said.

Then they ask: “Will I need a visa?” Answer: “Yes, it would probably be best.” And there are all sorts of visas with differing prices, because there are all sorts of people, with different life circumstances.

And then some people get irate because I will not answer every little, petty, trivial question that pops into their heads. “Is it cold? Is it hot? Does it rain much? Do I need to wash the vegetables? Is there crime? Are people friendly? Do they like Americans?” Again, the answer is: it all depends! If you’re in the jungle it’s hot and humid and it rains torrentially. If you’re way up in the mountains it can get pretty cold. If you’re a stereotypical “ugly American,” then no, most people will not like you no matter where you go in the world. As for crime, come on people, what do you think? You’re coming from New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles and you’re asking if there is crime? Seriously? As for washing the vegetables, what would you think?

So there is a certain level of maturity, seriousness of purpose and worldy savvy that you need to relocate to another country, as well as the financial resources to successfully bring it off. If you don’t have the resources to move and you are just idly curious about South America, my advice is to check a book out of the library. Even to take a short vacation to Ecuador for one person could easily run to two or three thousand dollars or more. So if you don’t have the thousands of dollars to establish life in another country, stay where you are. Don’t even think about coming, because things probably would not work out very well. That’s the hard reality.


But if you are ready and have the cash to successfully move, the requisite maturity to land on your feet and make a new life in a new country, and the desire and ability to relocate, then for Ecuador I recommend you contact Journeyman Jack.

Jack Abercrombie (“Journeyman Jack“) is based out of Quito. He has a fully-insured truck and moves people in. He handles the physical logistics of moving people’s household goods anywhere in Ecuador. He’ll meet you at the airport and drive you and your property anywhere in Ecuador you need to go. He also can help with visas and other kinds of forms, documents and paperwork (within reason). Jack is a dual Ecuadorean-USA citizen and knows the Ecuadorean bureaucracy. Here are his contact details.

toll free line from U.S. & Canada:
770-872-4104 or 770-828-7913
Quito office telephone: 011- (593) 2-349-0348,
Ecuador cell phone #’s dialing from the US:
claro: 011- (593) 98-806-6508,
movi: 011-(593) 98-743-3009,
dialing from within ECUADOR:off: 02-349-0348
cell claro: 098-806-6508,
cell movi: 098-743-3009,

talk free on: “Skype”
user name: jack.Abercrombie


For those who intend to move to Argentina I suggest you check out Kevin and Gail Corrigan’s book at their website or check out their blog You can e-mail Kevin Corrigan at this address:

Kevin and Gail are regular readers of my blog who have successfully made the transition from the USSA to Argentina. They recently wrote to me to say:


We absolutely believe what you are saying. At the beginning of 2014 we were completely unaware of any of this stuff. We learned the truth February 2014, and while still somewhat in shock, we got out of the USA as quickly as we could. We have 10 children, 2 of which were still living at home. We moved to Argentina in August 2014 with our two youngest kids, and now we have 5 of our children (and more to come) here with us. We had never lived outside of the USA, we only spoke English and we had no clue about what to expect. But in faith and obedience to God, we completely relocated to Argentina.

We have just published an online book that tells all about our experiences for the first few months and all the helpful things we learned. It contains so much valuable information about life here for Americans, we wish we had this before we left. And it’s fun to read! To download it – go the the website, (and) click on Buy PDF Book …..

Feel free to give out our website to people who need help getting out, or just need hope that life can be fun outside the USA.

Our Website:

Thanks for your articles.

Kevin and Gail Corrigan


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