Social media posts ‘claim’ ISIS to burn 17 caged ‘Kurdish fighters’ alive in newest propaganda spectacle

Another attempt by the CIA backed group ISIS to create fear globally to justify endless war profits for U.S.-led forces

By Shepard Ambellas

KURKUK, Iraq (INTELLIHUB) — Yet another purported video has emerged showing 17 “Kurdish soldiers”, later to be burned alive, paraded in front of crowds like animals in a circus stunt who are allegedly trapped inside cages mounted in the back of pickup trucks in a convoy, claims the media.

While the video looks horrific, no one knows for sure who these people in the cages truly are and once again the media is using words like “reportedly”, “claims“, and “claiming” as the video has yet to be authenticated.

The social media is inundated with mockingbird posts parroting the newly released video, taunting it as the work of ISIS which is truly nothing more than a Central Intelligence Agency/Pentagon funded faction.

“This is a video that in many ways would seem to emulate the video of the Jordanian pilot who was so brutally murdered by being burnt alive while in a cage. These prisoners are shown to be paraded in a cage. The official response from the Kurdish government is they are looking at it.”, said CNN’s Phil Black.

As I pointed out in a previous article this is all likely smoke and mirrors to further line the pockets of warmongers and their private corporations.

Video Source: World’s Footage/YouTube

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