Solar radiation storm engulfs Earth after Sunday’s X8.28 flare departure from the Sun

Scientists claim that the Sun is behaving abnormally this solar cycle

(INTELLIHUB) — A moderate solar radiation storm engulfed Earth Monday as micro-particles traveling from Sunday’s X8.28 solar flare struck the planet at the speed of light.

According to a Space Weather Live report, the flare was the second largest of the current 11-year solar cycle next to the recent Sept. 9 X9.3 which derived from the same region on the Sun’s surface.

Specae Weather Live confirms that Sunday’s flare was “highly eruptive.”

Solar data provided by NOAA/SWPC Boulder, Colorado indicates a massive fluctuation of the Sun’s X-rays took place sometime after noon on Sept. 10 which backs up other reports.

H/T: @Tabertronic on Twitter

Featured Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr
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