By Mac Slavo | SHTFPlan

According to the U.S. government the American economy grew at an astounding 3.8% last quarter, signaling to many that the recession responsible for wiping out trillions in wealth and millions of jobs over the last six years is finally over.

But is it?

Or have the Gross Domestic Product statistics joined the same Bizarro world within which the fabricated unemployment numbers and historic stock market highs are being used to convince Americans that the recovery is complete and boom times are sure to return?

According to the X22 Report, something just doesn’t seem right.

We’re not seeing many corporations hire here. They are laying off at this point. This is why we are seeing the retail sales completely falling. We have an unemployment rate of 5.8%, but prior years the unemployment rate was higher but we had better sales.

Somebody is manipulating the numbers… and we know who that ‘somebody’ is… it’s the U.S. government and central bankers.

In the real world, where people regularly eat food, we see inflation… and if we really calculate it out we see inflation is around 10%…when we subtract a realistic estimate of inflation, once we get even close to 10%, suddenly a negative 11% on Black Friday becomes negative 20%.

Black Friday shopping in the U.S. this year plummeted by 20% or more.

In the realm of economics a year-over-year change of this magnitude is not a plunge. It is a collapse.

Contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams, speaking with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, echoes these warnings saying that the information being put out by the government is nothing short of complete non-sense. If these officials numbers are true, says Williams, then what we have is the strongest American economy in 11 years.

It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to understand this is a complete sham designed to keep stock markets, banks and the U.S. dollar propped up for as long as possible before the whole system comes unhinged.

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