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When I read the headline below I stopped and the only thing I could think was – “Something is very wrong.” Why would the Fed – which should NOT have a voice in this matter at all – suddenly come out and say they want to protect the market?

If you know anything about the Federal Reserve you know they only do what is best for their member banks – the “too big to jail” banks, like, JP Morgan, HSBC, CITI, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and a few others.

Why would the Fed come out, publicly, and state they are going to put their member banks at risk of collapse?

Fed moves to limit bailouts of failing firms; emergency lending must be to aid markets only

(Click the above link (not allowed to republish) to read the article in full – You tell me if I missed something or am misreading the “tea leaves”.)

Is this the nugget in the pile of dirt?

Yellen noted that to replace rescue loans to individual companies, the 2010 law outlines procedures for failing big financial firms to go through bankruptcy proceedings.

You see, if the “too big to jail” banks are allowed to go bankrupt and they have had seven plus years (financial crisis began in 2008) to move assets, liabilities and “pecking order” of who gets paid first in bankruptcy proceedings, potentially leaving the shareholders and depositors at the end of the line – AFTER all their criminal friends have already picked up all the true wealth and assets from the bankruptcy.

Please keep in mind that everything, and I mean everything, the Federal Reserve does and says is for the specific purpose of protecting the member banks, period. They do not care about you, your family or the economy. The Federal Reserve is all about self preservation. It appears they are, once again, going to use the letter of the law to protect their criminal operation. What other conclusion can be reached?

The Federal Reserve will NEVER set themselves up for failure or collapse. The Federal Reserve will only suggest to CONgress which laws, regulations and bills to enact that will in-fact protect the Fed and drain the wealth of the citizens.

If I am misreading what Ma Yellen is saying I would be very interested to hear what others have to say about this situation. The question I have for anyone and everyone is: Why? Why would the Federal Reserve make this statement at this time?

The above article was published on November 30, 2015. The Fed just “raised” interest rates on December 16. Something doesn’t smell right.

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