(INTELLIHUB) — Ahead of his time, song lyrics written in the late 90’s by Intelihub founder Shepard Ambellas articulate the New World Order’s current agenda in one dynamic breakdown.

“Shackled To Silence” is expected to be included on Ambellas’ upcoming EP, scheduled for release winter of 2016.

Warning! The following excerpt taken from Ambellas’ lyrics contains fowl language:

“Shackled To Silence”

Of disarray terror, the mindless behavior, created by an era of chaotic flavor

Capitalistic junkies, their underground connections, doctors and lawyers blazing their obsessions

The urban fight the ghetto upbringing, confliction and spite keep your heads ringing

Ultra high-class, elite, no recession, they keep you mixed up no room for progression

A diabolic scheme they put into function, ultra high-class they work in conjunction

To keep you locked down, the’re pushing your tin, they program your mind to live in sin

Conjured by the profits bringing in the dead, captured by fear it’s all in your head

Systematic antics, mergers, and tactics are run hand-and-hand along with crack hits

Psychoanalytical white collar criminals flashing ‘don’t read’ with the subliminals

A lack of education brings on the hatred, disarray and terror in this fucked up nation

Shackled to silence they’re bleeding you now, corrosion of conformity keeps beating you down

What will it take for you to see it too? Wake the fuck up to the sounds we produce

They supersede the president, they won’t be hesitant, to reinvent the system or make your ass irrelevant

Genocidal maniacs inside their brains is whacked, nuclear weapons, elite they keep em’ packed

The structure of the system keeps you in position

Sooner or later it’a be outta commission

A new rendition systematical failure, no more competition no one can bail ya’

Our prison system sucks, it’s a way to get stuck, small time criminals about to get fucked

Dicked by politicians with their crazy inventions, working high-class with no good intentions

Take away my guns and take away my rights, motherfuckers come and motherfuckers fight

I won’t back down I won’t fucking hesitate to break your crown motherfuckers I can’t wait…


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“Wilt” 2009 — Written by Shepard Ambellas, FEAT Yael Lanciano

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