(INTELLIHUB) — Much like the globalist contrived organization known as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) which was brilliantly exposed by Michael Kane in a 2004 case study, a new and similar plan has hit the forefront that is being orchestrated and funded by billionaire controllers such as George Soros and others.

It’s called the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) and its creators have awarded 20 cities with grants if they allow Muslim refugees to influx, a move that will ultimately drive down wages and break the American economy.

However, to understand the brashness of such a dastardly plan, one must take a look at what Kane wrote back in 2004 about the much older PNAC organization. An excerpt from Kane’s case study reads:

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by prominent Republican leaders, called for a transformation of America to exercise military total spectrum dominance and unchallenged worldwide hegemony. The PNAC program, in a nutshell: America’s military must rule out even the possibility of a serious global or regional challenger anywhere in the world. The regime of Saddam Hussein must be toppled immediately, by U.S. force if necessary. And the entire Middle East must be reordered according to an American plan. PNAC’s most important study notes that selling this plan to the American people will likely take a long time, “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.” (PNAC, Rebuilding America’s Defenses (1997), p.51)

Additionally Kane wrote:

A catalyzing catastrophe did come, and since September 11 the policies that PNAC promoted have been put in place by PNAC’s own members. They occupy nearly all of the key positions in the Bush administration national security apparatus. Paul Wolfowitz, who was under oath alongside Rumsfeld at the March 23 testimony, signed on to the PNAC document which specifically referred to a “new Pearl Harbor” in a favorable light (in September 2000).

This is all so very important, because the newly spawned Project for a New American Economy, funded by a select group of wealthy oligarchs, is using the exact same globalist framework, structure, that may ultimately lead to another catastrophic, yet contrived, false flag event to be carried out by Muslim radicals right here in the United States. That’s right ladies and gentlemen — the stage is set and it’s only a matter of time before the show begins.


According to Leo Hohmann, writing for WND.com, “Bob Iger, Rupert Murdock, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Marriott are just a few of the corporate execs working to help cities become sanctuaries for migrants — legal and illegal — while offering money to propagate a rosy view of immigrants’ impact on the economy.”

These billionaires are working hard to gut America by breaking the backs of every citizen that already legally reside inside of the border. The group plans to do this by offering what they call the “Gateways for Growth Award,” which is a grant, essentially a payoff or bribe, directed at cities the PNAE wants to see converted into wastelands, allowing for the backers to eventually line their pockets by perpetuating near nothing wages to become a standard.

WND.com reports 20 cities that were awarded with the grants to sellout the American people:

• Akron and Summit County, Ohio
• Anchorage, Alaska
• Birmingham, Alabama
• Brownsville, Texas
• Columbus, Ohio
• Detroit
• Fargo, North Dakota
• Houston
• Indianapolis
• Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri
• Lancaster, Pennsylvania
• Los Angeles
• Macomb County, Michigan
• Nashville, Tennessee
• New Orleans
• Phoenix and the state of Arizona
• Pittsburgh
• San Jose, California
• Salt Lake County, Utah
• Upstate New York region (Syracuse/Buffalo)

“PNAE works with the George Soros-funded groups National Immigration Forum and Welcoming America to educate Americans about the wonders of mass immigration. They say it creates economic growth and vitality and the more immigrants and refugees that flow into a city, state or county the more prosperity they can expect to enjoy,” Hohmann wrote. But we all know that it will only bring problems as we can clearly see what this ideology has done to Europe in such a short amount of time.

Moreover it appears the globalist-backed plan will further break the backs of the American middle class as refugee unemployment rates in the U.S. have been reported to be as high as 100% in at least one state as of FY 2014, which will ultimately mean that taxpayers will have to once again foot the bill for lazy or uneducated freeloading migrants, causing yet another issue that likely won’t end well either.


Additionally we must take a look at what has happened in Europe ever since refugees were allowed to flood across the border. One has to understand that the crime and violence incurred was orchestrated — it was welcomed — that’s what the shadow masters wanted. And now it looks as if the very same plan is coming to America.

We can see the head of this snake emerging with the violence that has been ramping up at Donald Trump rallies over the past weeks. The violence stems from Soros-funded supporters and lazy illegal immigrants who want to freeload off hard-working Americans and our blood, sweat and tears.

Since when should Americans put up with nasty, often violent and foul-mouthed, illegals and their minions who have been seen waving the Mexican flag at rallies while shouting obscenities, physically attacking Trump supporters and even burning the American Flag in public?

This is not how America works people. In fact, the U.S. Constitution states that we must defend ourselves against all enemies ‘both foreign and domestic’ — and the way I see it this new group PNAE and its members are enemies of the nation and so are immigrants that perpetuate violence, illegal or not.

Last week three Syrian refugees were apprehended by German law enforcement officials for plotting a future Paris-style terror attack in Germany using suicide vest, bombs and firearms to terrorize the general public even more. If we let this happen here in America we will no longer have a country.

The “men who entered Germany with a wave of migrants were arrested Thursday on suspicion of planning an Islamic State attack on the city of Düsseldorf. The arrests potentially thwarted a deadly operation that appeared eerily reminiscent of recent assaults on Brussels and Paris,” Anthony Faiola reported.

Rest assured that these same types will be entering the U.S. and will be amongst a ‘wave of migrants’ which the Department of Homeland Security has already admitted cannot be properly vetted.

Remain vigilant.

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