Soros’s stock portfolio increased to $5.6B in Q3

You know what they say, 'you have to spend money to make money'


(INTELLIHUB) — In Q3 George Soros’s U.S. stock portfolio already increased $660,000 million, according to a Seeking Alpha report titled “Tracking George Soros’s Portfolio – Q2 2017 Update” that is part of an ongoing analysis.

According to the report’s summary:

  • Soros’ 13F portfolio value increased from $4.96B to $5.62B this quarter. The number of positions decreased from 260 to 203.
  • They added Altaba and EQT while increasing TiVo and Time Warner.
  • A large new short position in PowerShares QQQ ETF through Puts was established this quarter. Also, the SPY ETF Puts stake was increased while reducing the Russell 2000 ETF Puts.
Featured Image: PROHeinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Flickr
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