Japan recently cancelled a contract to purchase U.S. wheat due to the fact that it is polluted with GMOs, and now South Korea has done the same.

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June 5, 2013

GMOs found its way into commercial wheat fields in approximately 16 states, most notably in Oregon. This created self-replicating genetic pollution that now has its grip on the entire wheat industry, which helps to make the food industry that’s dominated by biotech companies like Monsanto more transparent everyday.

Any politician or scientists who tells you these GMO products are safe is either very stupid or lying – David Suzuki

Last friday, South Korea announced that it is halting all imports of U.S. wheat due to the USDA’s recent announcement that commercial wheat grown in the USA is contaminated with genetically engineered wheat from Monsanto until further tests are conducted. The European Union has also urged its 27 nations to increase testing. Seoul also raised quarantine measures on wheat for livestock feed, while Thailand put ports on alert. The European Union said that any shipments that tested positive for GMOs would not be sold, and South Korea is doing the same.

Although S.Korea has not yet detected any GMO wheat in their preliminary testing, they still have yet to release their final test results which are due on Wednesday. It’s good to see nations stand up and take the proper precautions to ensure that no GMO wheat enters into the country. Hopefully this will lead to more precautions in the near future.

The issue still remains that the United States and Monsanto will be helping in developing reliable tests for the detection of the GMO strain, this isn’t good information as trust for this giant biotech company is extremely low, almost zero.  South Korea was given the DNA sequences of the rogue GM strain by the United States in order for them to effectively conduct tests. Can South Korea really trust this? What if they were given the wrong strain? That would make it extremely difficult for them to detect the proper GMO strain.

It seems that the masses no longer have any trust at all. The consumers that continue to purchase GMOs are simply unaware, once one becomes aware they will undoubtedly stop. Unfortunately there are those that turn a blind eye and  give out blind faith to these corporations without ever researching or looking into the subject further. A simple statement by someone on CNN can easily persuade someone instantly.

Not to long ago, Monsanto was found guilty of chemical poisoning in France, you can read more about that here. Scientists also discovered that the Bt toxins found in Monsanto crops can damage red blood cells in mammals, you can read more about that here. Monsanto’s roundup was also linked to Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, which you can read more about that here.

Do Genetically Modified Organisms prepared for consumption really resonate with your inner most being? Personally, even without evidence my intuition alone tells me otherwise. With a little research, investigation and critical thinking it is not hard to put two and two together as there is a tremendous amount of evidence available that show GMOs should be a no go. Our food industry and the corporations that govern it are becoming more transparent by the day, awareness is increasing exponentially. World hunger is a problem that can easily be eradicated. The money we spend on war in less than one year could eradicate poverty word wide. There are so many ways we could feed the world, and it is evident that there is no ‘food crises.’ That is just an excuse to justify the production of GMOs.