‘Sovereign Citizen’ to Own up to 11 Abandon Homes Under ‘Common Law’ Loophole


Sovereign citizens and common law are now under fire more than ever as our imperialist government and media threaten what has always been.

Hamilton County Court (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Hamilton County Court (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


SPRINGDALE, OHIO (INTELLIHUB) — In today’s day and age anything can happen — and that’s just what one family in ohio found out.

Entrepreneur and sovereign citizen Robert Carr, has a “team” scouting for abandon houses in the area. He is not looking for a home to purchase like typical investors, but rather Carr is looking to obtain the homes for free.

Once Carr’s team finds a house that’s “empty”, they then proceed to change the locks on the home under common law. Carr then files paperwork with the Hamilton County Court called a “quiet title”, claiming the homes as his.

Carr, expects to take full ownership of the properties.

In one case, a family tending to their dying “father”, returned to their home of 21-years after an out-of-state visit, only to find that it has been occupied by a Carr.

According to a report by WLWT, Carr filed 8 similar quiet titles on one day and 11 in total. WLWT also reported that Carr was charged with “breaking and entering” in one of the cases but plans to dispute it in court.

WLWT went on to knock such sovereign citizens in the piece writing, “The suits are also used by so-called sovereign citizens, who believe they alone get to decide which laws to obey – particularly tax and property laws — based on what they determine to be the founding fathers’ intent.

The antigovernment movement has grown in recent years and is rooted in the anti-Semitic, anti-black and anti-tax Posse Comitatus movement of the 1970s and 1980s.

Most recent recruits to the sovereign citizens movement found themselves in desperate situations, often due to the economy or foreclosure, and are drawn to the idea of easy money or living free of legal consequences.

Sovereign citizens are becoming well-known by the courts for filing astronomical liens against banks, attorneys and government employees. […]

They could be dismissed as a nuisance, a loose network of individuals living in the United States who call themselves “sovereign citizens” and believe that federal, state, and local governments operate illegally. Some of their actions, although quirky, are not crimes. The offenses they do commit seem minor, like creating false license plates, driver’s licenses, and even currency. The report goes on to mention one case in which a sovereign citizen open fired at police officers during a traffic stop with his “AK-47”.



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