SpaceX founder Elon Musk Tweets out ‘Doomsday asteroid’ Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas warned about on Coast To Coast AM earlier this week

(INTELLIHUB) — SpaceX founder Elon Musk Tweeted out on Friday a reference to the doomsday asteroid which Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas warned about on a recent Coast To Coast AM broadcast with host George Noory earlier this week.

Musk Tweeted out a simple cryptic message which reads: “But actually” along with a meme which shows an asteroid impacting the earth so hard that it blows out the other side during the wee hours of the morning on Friday.

This is the same scenario that Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas has been warning about since April 1.


Ambellas appeared on Coast To Coast AM Tuesday night with George Nooray where the two discussed how asteroid 1998 OR2 may strike the earth on or after April 29.

From the official website of Coast To Coast AM:

In the latter half, activist, journalist, and filmmaker Shepard Ambellas reported on asteroids, comets, and other objects coming toward Earth. He proposed that the COVID-19 crisis may be a ploy to get the populace prepared for a collision with one of these near-Earth objects. One asteroid, known as 1998 OR2, is due to make its closest pass later this month on April 29, and it’s possible that the several mile-wide object could hit the Earth, and cause a tremendous cataclysm, he contended ( reports that we are not in danger from this object).

The blue-green Comet Atlas will be reaching its closest point to Earth in May, which he related to Hopi mythology of the Blue Kachina, and as a possible cover-up for the arrival of Planet Nine or Planet X, because the tail and size of the comet are so large. FEMA camps were built some time ago to prepare for the damage from these inbound objects, Ambellas continued. The pandemic was possibly instigated in order to lock down the world’s population, he asserted, and the military will be used to further enforce quarantine efforts. For more, view Ambellas’ analysis of worldwide lockdowns.

This is a mandatory interview to hear and is a MUST LISTEN!

Did Elon Musk hear the broadcast?


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