SPLC Begins New Propaganda Campaign Against Liberty Driven Organizations

By JG Vibes
December 17, 2012

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a state sponsored organization that wages propaganda campaigns against various activist groups, grouping them in with violent and racist gangs who are actually a legitimate safety concern.

This grouping works to “poison the well” and associate peaceful people who resist authority along with violent gangs and terrorists in the minds of the general population.

Reason reported that:

“I have to assume that it’s fundraising time at the Southern Poverty Law Center, because Morris Dees and company have gone looking for new people to label enemies of the republic.

This time, they’ve found those long underappreciated serpents nesting in our midst, notorious fellow-travelers of the Patriot Movement knows as … anarcho-capitalists?

That even SPLC writer Leah Nelson, may think her organization is reaching a bit far with this one might be indicated by the oddly passive title of the piece, “‘Anarcho-Capitalists’ Seen as Cousins of the ‘Patriot’ Movement.”

They are? By whom? Oh. You mean the SPLC sees them as “cousins” yada yada and somehow potentially dangerous and hateful.”

In the past the SPLC has been known to attack so called “conspiracy” and patriot groups as well as citizen militias, none of which are proponents of aggressive force, even the militias are only advocates of self defense.

Those propaganda campaigns are still in effect, but are now being expanded to the newly popular libertarian varieties of Anarcho-Capitalism and Voluntaryism, essentially the belief that all human interactions should be chosen and voluntary.

They must be terrorists!…At least according to the SPLC anyway.

The article at Reason goes on to discuss the possible financial motivations behind these new propaganda campaigns, stating that:

The SPLC piece is intended to, yet again, tighten the sphincters of donors while loosening their grips on their checkbooks. That the SPLC jumped the shark so long ago that the poor fish has since died of old age is no secret.

Reason writers have long pointed out that the group is increasingly preposterous and irresponsible in its search for monsters under the bed.

These days, the group specializes in guilt by association. Often, really, really distant association resulting in highly unlikely and even laughable “threats.”

Unfortunately, many people actually buy the public relations surrounding the organization, portraying them as a “civil rights charity” that speaks out against “hate groups”.

In reality, they are nothing more than a state propaganda distributor who may happen to sprinkle some legitimately harmful groups in with a long list of peaceful activists who are simply trying to create a better world.


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