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Digestive trick to clean your bowels

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Gold to soar as the Trump rally hits a wall | Gold has hit a four-week high, and the interest in Montana is explosive
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Copper prices set to surge as Trump and China boost demand | 2017 is shaping up to be a game-changing year for copper, with Trump’s $500-billion infrastructure plan
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The biotech breakthrough kept secret for a decade | Brilliant technology, visionary developers
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Expect a huge gold rally this spring

Intellihub | Making Gold Great Again
gold coin

Gold to see unprecedented rally under Trump | As Trump sets out to ‘make America great again’, gold is back on everyone’s radar
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Gigafactory wars could lead to huge Lithium shortage | As the race for Lithium supply heats up, Chile is clearly the sweetest spot on earth for this precious metal, and very few miners are moving as quickly as this small-cap
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Electric car showdown: China and Tesla scramble for supply

*SPONSORED* | Electric car showdown: China and Tesla scramble for supply
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This little known metal is what keeps Elon Musk up at night |Trump's military plans could send cobalt prices sky high
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Tesla’s battery plans could push Lithium prices even higher

Intellihub | Lithium has become such a high-demand material driven by rapid expansion of the battery industry
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