Sports fan saw low-flying black helicopter, heard gunfire, during Las Vegas shooting

"It flew low enough to where I could see that there was a black curtain, the door was open, and [I could see] the color of the instrument panel... it was below the roofline"
Matt Hecht/Flickr

A family man vacationing in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter on the night of 1 October 2017 claims to have witnessed a low-flying black helicopter make two passes below the roofline of the Mandalay Bay as the sound of fully-automatic gunfire echoed throughout the vicinity.

The eyewitness appeared on Hypothetically Speaking on Sunday where he told investigative journalist John Cullen how he remembers the night well because it was the same night in which he, his wife, and daughter watched the San Jose Sharks face-off with the Vegas Golden Knights at the T-Mobile Arena while country music singer Jason Aldean performed live on stage at the Harvest Music Festival.

The man said that he and his family had just exited the ABC store around 10 pm when he happened to look up and see a low-flying helicopter make several passes in front of the Mandalay Bay as gunfire rang out.

“Coming from my right is a black helicopter–a Huey helicopter–what made it distinguishable was the fact that the helicopter had two window plates underneath the nose of the helicopter where you could see part of the framing of the helicopter,” he explained. “It has a back door on the right side that was fully open with a black curtain drawn and the curtain was open enough to where I could see the light green luminescence of the instrument panel of the helicopter–I could not see any bodies in it–I couldn’t see anything other than that color and the passenger seat of the helicopter.”

“It flew low enough to where I could see that there was a black curtain, the door was open, and [I could see] the color of the instrument panel,” he said. “It flew right over our heads–as soon as it got in front of Mandalay Bay it kind of rose up in altitude and that’s when we heard the gunshots.”

The man said at that point both he and his wife confirmed hearing “automatic gunfire.”


The witness said he saw the helicopter circle around for a second and third pass in front of the Mandalay Bay where the chopper remained below the rooftop as an additional volley of gunfire rang out.

The man said he then witnessed the helicopter retreat toward the desert.

Astonishingly, the man’s eyewitness encounter dovetails with dozens of other reports from Intellihub in 2017 which confirm the man’s experience.

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