Senior CNN producer: ‘The entire Trump-Russia narrative is bullsh*t’

Producer admits it's all for "ratings"

(INTELLIHUB) Senior CNN producer John Bonifield was recently caught on camera admitting that CNN is only pushing the Trump-Russia narrative for “ratings” and that he knows it’s all “bullsh*t.”

“It’s mostly bullsh*t right now. Like, we don’t have any big giant proof,” the senior producer stated in the video obtained by Project Veritas. “I just feel like they don’t really have it but they want to keep digging — and so I think that the President is right to say, like, look, you are witch hunting me. Like you have no smoking gun, you have no real proof […] If it was something really good — it would leak.”

The, most-likely soon to be jobless, producer also said that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker congratulated reporters during a meeting for there coverage of the climate accord but said that the CEO wanted to quickly resume the ‘Russia coverage’ despite the fact that there is nothing to the story.

Additionally, Bonifield voiced his opinion on Russian interference with the U.S. electoral system and why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

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“Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, our CIA is doing sh*t all the time, we’re out there trying to manipulate governments,” he said. “You win because you know the game and you play it right [and Hillary] didn’t play it right.”


The producer said that CNN’s ratings are “incredible right now” and admits that the news business needs to “do what they got to do to make their money.”


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