“Stargate” mentioned in “Iraq War Logs” leaked by Chelsea Manning before imprisonment

United States Marine Corps squads labeled as 'Stargate teams' during Iraq war

(INTELLIHUB) — Army intelligence soldier Chelsea Manning who is well known for leaking over 700,000 U.S. classified documents will be released from military prison this week after serving a 7-year sentence, according to a statement released by Manning’s legal team on May 9.

The transgender Army intel soldier was responsible for leaking the “Iraq War Logs” to the organization Wikileaks which published the documents that mention references to “Stargate” in at least four instances.

In one incident which took place on Aug. 5, 2005, the 8th Engineer Support Battalion 9-Line Response Team, a.k.a. “Stargate 13,” encountered two Mission Area Managers (friendlies) in a garbage dump, one of whom was “digging.” After the MAMS were spotted by Stargate 13 they were seen fleeing on a motorcycle before being engaged by Stargate 13 with 5 tracer rounds followed by a barrage of 40 7.62mm bullets fired from an M240G but the motorcycle continued on to escape through a hole in the wire a location that is known as 1854D.

According to the report: “No IED was found, but a controlled demolition was performed on a possible detonation device.”

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