EXPOSED: State Department H.Q. houses secretive Shadow Government’s “7th Floor group”

FBI admits that there really is a "Shadow Government" in the U.S.

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — Information contained inside documents released by the FBI pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal show that there really is a “Shadow Government” and that it is based out of the 7th floor of the State Department headquarters located at 2201 C Street NW, which is the Harry S. Truman Building.

“The Secretary’s suite was a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) which also had a DSS security detachment outside of the office. Currently, The 7th Floor Group meets on Wednesdays and this includes the Secretary of State John Kerry, Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer Tout, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, Kennedy, Assistant Secretary Julia Frifield, and members of the Office of the Legal Advise,” according to Wikipedia, and likely refers to the seventh sub-level of the facility underground rather than the upper 7th-floor.

Interestingly an excerpt from the report paints a perfect picture of what is actually taking place behind the curtain and really makes one question who is actually running the Corporation of the United States. Check out the following reference from page 56 of the report:

state department

How far will this “Shadow Government” go to protect Hillary Clinton and possibly even insert her into the Presidency?

It’s safe to say that the newly revealed Shadow Government will go as far as it takes to protect their comrade Hillary Clinton IMHO. We can expect nothing less than the most aggressive behavior behind the scenes from the people how to hide behind the facade of government.

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