State-sponsored media and Department of Education attempting to spawn obedient asexual worker race?

Students and parents argue strict dress codes impede individuality, creativity

(INTELLIHUB) — Schools across America are now, more often than not, imposing stringent and unwanted dress codes upon students.

Now some students and parents feel the robust rules may even hinder a child’s individualism, their creativity and even their personality by instructing students how they may or may not dress.

While it’s true dress codes have been in effect at most every school since the dawn of time — a clear step to limit what kids were actually able to wear at school intensified in the early 1990’s with what districts nationwide were at the time calling ‘gang affiliated attire.’

The colors “red” or “blue,” which represent different sets of popular, violent, often glamorized street gangs like the Crips and Bloods and “sports attire,” such as basketball jerseys and or hats, were no longer permitted to be worn at most inner-city public schools.

Now in 2016 a school has even gone as far as to restrict a female student from wearing clothing already deemed to be appropriate by her mother as demonstrated by Rose Lynn’s case, a female student who stood up to the local tyranny.

Lynn caused an uproar on Twitter about three months ago when she posted a picture mocking what a school administrator told her about her everyday clothing attire and the school’s ‘dress code.’


In protest, Lynn wore a shirt with a hand written message on it in permanent ink which read:

“It doesn’t cover your crotch […] You’ll distract the boys.”

Lynn and her mother, Misti Delgado, took matters into their own hands and met with the school’s principle and district higher-ups after Lynn’s protest in an effort to educate other Americans about the targeted discrimination, punishment and embarrassment students are encountering.

On Facebook Lynn wrote:

“So once again, society has failed to advocate young ladies, by confining them in a box, where they are stripped from their sense of self-respect and self-expression, rather than teaching young men to respect the boundaries of young ladies”

Lynn is just one of many students who feel their individuality is being taken away by the State and the issue doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Most recently in Fresno, in late January, Buchanan High School boys showed up to school wearing dresses to make a statement in protest of ‘unfair’ dress codes. During the protest boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys displaying their right to harvest their individual freedom of expression.

However, the issue raised in Fresno seems to be a semi-isolated event that just so happened to boast a ‘trans-gender’ tint or feel to it that the corporate controlled press honed in on in a big way, posting the headline, “Student protests growing over gender-equal dress codes.”

You see, CNN is pushing the ‘gender-equality’ or ‘trans-gender’ aspect of the story in attempt to deepen the already present PSYOP, thus making it multifaceted. CNN literally wants the reader to feel as if being ‘trans-gendered’ is the norm in today’s society.

According to CNN:

Nineteen percent of the 7,800 students surveyed in middle and high schools across the country said they were prevented from wearing clothing deemed “inappropriate” based on their gender, according to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s 2013 National School Climate Survey. Teens are asking their schools to update policies to reflect the changing norms in society.

They refer to this propaganda as “the changing norms in society,” which to be clear are far from normal. This is what the state-sponsored media is pushing onto the youth!

Meanwhile hundreds of students have been ‘unfairly disciplined’ and even “publicly shamed” over these type of Orwellian regulations, adding burdens of stress and embarrassment to students growing up in an already ever-changing environment.

The fact is, deindividualizing the American youth is only furthering the Establishment’s Common Core-backed agenda, merely preparing future generations to be an unidentifiable mindless race of worker bees. And by pushing transgenderism upon them, one may expect future generations to become asexual by design, in what would make for a rather boring world with absolutely no individualism.

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