State-sponsored terrorism triggers huge blowback

By Michael Thomas | Storyleak


“The synthetic terror fabricated on September 11, 2001 is like a boomerang fashioned as a double-edged samurai sword.  Just as the manufactured War On Terror has since produced ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in those countries targeted by the real Axis of Evil, the karmic boomerang will now return to those state actors who launched the 9/11 false flag operation .”  – State of the Nation

After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with the UK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.

After all the evidence has been catalogued and surveyed only one question remains unanswered:

Did they really think they could get away with it?

With the internet functioning in full tilt in every corner of the globe, how much sheer audacity did it take for the rogue CIA-MI6-MOSSAD co-conspirators to pull down Building #7 in broad daylight?

How corrupt were the FBI, MI5, Shabak accomplices who collaborated in locking down every type of official law enforcement inquiry into this crime against humanity?

How complicit was, and is, every major organ of the mainstream media (MSM) that knowingly and willingly participated in the subsequent, extremely well coordinated coverup which continues to this very day?   When an inside job is so ridiculously obvious, how long do they really think they can maintain the collapsing coverup?

Seriously, a child could see through this black op by merely watching a video or two on the internet.  The entire made-for-TV, Hollywood production known as 9/11 was so transparent that many of us are quite shocked the real perpetrators are still running the US Government 13 years later?!

For anyone who doubts this “historical revision”, please take just a few minutes and watch the following video.  Even those fully initiated in 9/11 truth will appreciate this dramatic YouTube rendition of the 9-11 backstory.

The True Perpetrators Of 9/11 Acted Out Of Extreme Desperation

Quite unfortunately for the real 9/11 co-conspirators, we now live in a time of very quick blowback.  The karmic slack of yesteryear has been tightened considerably, and only continues to be shortened with each passing day.  As a matter of fact, their many desperate attempts to trigger a full blown World War III in the Ukraine provide further testimony that they know their time is up.  The ongoing dissolution of the Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix is another example of just how extreme their actions have become.

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