Stirring the pot: DOJ sends ‘marshals’ to ‘coach’ the protesters in Ferguson

By Michael Snyder | The American Dream
(Photo credit: Office of Public Affairs/Flickr)
(Photo credit: Office of Public Affairs/Flickr)

Is the Obama administration looking to stir up more trouble in Ferguson?

“Protest marshals” from the same Department of Justice division that organized protests against George Zimmerman in the aftermath of the shooting of Trayvon Martin have been deployed to the troubled city.  It is being reported that these DOJ agents will be “conducting training” for Ferguson protesters that will focus on “best practices for participating in protests”.  Local officials in Missouri hope that this will help defuse the situation, but if history is any guide it may end up doing just the opposite.  According to the head of Judicial Watch, the Community Relations Service of the Department of Justice “has a record of racially inflammatory rhetoric that is extreme in ideology and cynical in its politics”.  Could these Ferguson protests ultimately be used to take us to the next level in the inflammation of racial tensions in America?

What we have seen play out in Ferguson over the past few days demonstrates so much of what is wrong in this country.

The initial rioting and looting in the city was a prime example of the extreme social decay that is eating away at the foundations of our nation.  And it showed how rapidly the streets of our major cities could potentially descend into chaos.

And then the absolutely brutal response by the police was a perfect example of how our society is rapidly being transformed into a heavily militarized police state.

Now that the Obama administration is getting involved, who knows what is going to happen next.  According to the Daily Caller, two “protest marshals” have already been deployed to Ferguson so far…

Two Department of Justice “protest marshals” are in Ferguson, Mo., to help train people taking part in demonstrations over the fatal police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

That’s according to Ferguson mayor James Knowles, who spoke with The Daily Caller Wednesday evening.

We are being told that they will be “conducting training for the groups on best practices for participating in protests”.

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