Strange blue light over New York City: Exposed

Transformer explosion or UFO crash site? Online conspiracy theorists say officials are lying about Thursday's incident in which the entire New York City skyline illuminated blue while residents watched in awe.


A strange blue light appeared to illuminate New York City Thursday evening leaving onlookers in awe as city officials scrambled to announce that a transformer had exploded at the Astoria Queens Con Ed plant.

However, Internet conspiracy theorists say that there may be more to the story and that the blue light was more than just a plant mishap like officials are claiming.

“Damn, I thought a UFO hit Con Ed,” a local resident explained. “I thought the world was ending.”

Soon after the New York Police Department Tweeted the following message to the general public: “Confirming incident in #Astoria was result of transformer explosion. No injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.”

Online video captured Thursday evening shows the entire skyline lit up and pulsating.

In the video, YouTuber Jake The Asshole speculates that there is more to the story because of the way the blue light “suddenly shut off like a light switch.”

“So let’s assume for a minute that a power plant did explode and there was a fire on the ground,” he said. “How would that cause the sky well above the city to pulse an flicker blue and bluish green?”

“That doesn’t make any sense to me,” the popular YouTuber explained. “I can’t quite figure out what would cause that.”

Lorraine Klimowich was nearby when the ‘explosion’ happened and managed to capture a video which shows something on the ground smoking and pulsating blue.

La Guardia Airport and local rail lines were interrupted by the loss of power.

The NYPD maintains that a “small fire” caused the explosion.

Health and environmental agencies are monitoring the air quality as health concerns among citizens rise.

Was the blue sky over New York City really caused by the explosion of an electrical transformer? You be the judge.

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