Suicidal/homicidal Flight 9525 co-pilot locks captain out of cockpit before crashing plane carrying 149 others full speed into mountainside


Officials work from black box ‘transcript’ containing dialogue from the flight’s last 30 minutes

By ShepardAmbellas

SWITZERLAND (INTELLIHUB) — Shockingly officials are now working from only a ‘transcript’, submitted by higher-ups, which allegedly details the final 30 minutes of Flight 9525’s cockpit voice recorder.

Officials say the A320 Airbus, with 150 people aboard, was forcefully crashed into a mountainside at an altitude of 6000 feet by Germanwings-Lufthansa co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, 27, after he locked the captain of the aircraft out of the cockpit by manually toggling a switch, blocking the captain’s reentry into the cockpit after a presumed restroom break, leaving the airline’s top exec and others speechless.

Lubitz, a certified freight pilot from Montabaur Germany, logged over 600 flight hours and showed no indications during his nearly 2 years of employment which would have indicated he was mentally ill, suicidal, or homicidal in any way. However it was verified that Lubitz had a 2 month lapse during his flight training that the employer failed to provide details on in a press conference Thursday.

Now some, like myself, speculate that this incident will set precedence for new airline security measures to be implemented including a new cockpit door system which readily allows crew locked out of the cockpit to communicate with air traffic controllers encase of an emergency. But moreover it will open the window for tougher psychological profiling and testing of would be pilots hired by carriers.

In this case Lubitz passed all tests, both medical and psychological, that were administered by Germanwings giving officials no explanation or motive for his actions on Tuesday.

It’s also important to note that pilot suicide currently represents less than 1 percent of all plane crashes.

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