A major Illuminati-backed deep state false flag plot may be underway and is possibly set to occur during Sunday night’s Super Bowl game

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (INTELLIHUB) — On Sunday, two American-themed football teams will faceoff inside U.S. Bank Stadium for the National Football League’s 52nd annual Super Bowl where over 60,000 fans will be in attendance for the Level-1 designated National Special Security Event just days after the Super Bowl Host Committee abruptly replaced EPG Security group with the globalist-controlled firm G4S, raising numerous red flags.

The New England Patriots are set to battle the Philadelphia Eagles under the roof in a much-anticipated showdown, as thousands of law enforcement personnel and G4S security guard the stadium and its entire 10-mile parameter.

super bowl stadium
Tony Webster/Flickr

The abrupt change in security came last week after it was discovered that the Minneapolis-based firm was not conducting sufficient background checks on their employees.

When asked to comment, EPG issued the following statement: “We are not at liberty to comment on changing security strategies and assignments.”

EPG has since deleted a number of its social media pages but the Star Tribune managed to locate a cached version of an Instagram post which confirms that the company was, in fact, “hiring hundreds of protective agents for two major upcoming events in the Twin Cities: Red Bull Crashed Ice and Super Bowl Live.”

national guard super bowl
Minnesota National Guard Soldiers are assisting the Minneapolis Police Department with security efforts for Super Bowl 52. The Soldiers will perform security operations at the request of the city of Minneapolis and the direction of the governor to ensure a safe and secure Super Bowl for residents and visitors. (Minnesota National Guard photo by Sgt. Luther Talks)

Additionally, the Star Tribune reports:


A G4S security guard, who asked not to be identified because he did not have permission to talk to the press, said the company sent staff from across the country, including Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, to work Super Bowl Live and that they have been on duty since last weekend.

The security guard’s testimony confirms the depth of the situation. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more — a lot more.

Former D.C. police chief, high school dropout, heads up Super Bowl security

It just so happens, the current NFL Security Chief Kathy Lanier was the former District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Chief from 2006-2016, during the Obama Administration.

The NFL security chief dropped out of school in the ninth grade and became a teenage mother at the age of 15 before joining D.C. Metropolitan Police Department in 1990 where she progressed through the ranks until she became the Commander at the Office of Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism in 2006.

According to a Tweet fired out by investigative reporter George Webb on Saturday, “Kathy Lanier, ex-DC Police Captain, head of NFL Security, [is] now employing new-Nazi (kinda) G4S for the Super Bowl, allowed an active subversive reprisal group in the Department.”

Take note of the New World Order-style symbolism that’s tattooed on the security officer’s right forearm. It’s a pyramid with the Eye of Providence.

Webb’s observation and the photo are concerning, to say the least.

Additionally, we can see subliminal propaganda being pushed on the NFL’s official Twitter feed which suggests that danger may lie ahead at tonight’s game.

In the Tweet posted Sunday, you can see Fletcher Cox #91 standing next to the Super Bowl LII logo which appears to form a combination of numbers ‘911–II,’ as in 9/11 part two!

Predictive programming, a forewarning to people in the know, or just a coincidence?


Wackenhut’s ties to the CIA

Spy Magazine reported in September of 1992 that Wackenhut (now G4S) is “the shadow CIA” and confirmed the company’s ties.

An excerpt from the report reads:

We have spoken to numerous experts, including current and former CIA agents and analysts, current and former agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration and current and former Wackenhut executives and employees, all of whom have said that in the mid-197O’s, after the Senate Intelligence Committee’s revelations of the CIA’s covert and sometimes illegal overseas operations, the agency and Wackenhut grew very, very close.

Those revelations had forced the CIA to do a housecleaning, and it became CIA policy that certain kinds of activities would no longer officially be performed. But that didn’t always mean that the need or the desire to undertake such operations disappeared.

And that’s where Wackenhut came in.

Our sources confirm that Wackenhut has had a long-standing relationship with the CIA, and that it has deepened over the last decade or so. Bruce Berckmans, who was assigned to the CIA station in Mexico City, left the agency in January 1975 (putatively) to become a Wackenhut international-operations vice president.

Berckmans, who left Wackenhut in 1981, told SPY that he has seen a formal proposal George Wackenhut submitted to the CIA to allow the agency to use Wackenhut offices throughout the world as fronts for CIA activities.

As you can see, Wackenhut has a deep dark history.

Did FBI Director Christopher Wray really just put out some kind of cryptic message regarding the Super Bowl LII?

It just so happens that a note sent by FBI Director Christopher Wray, in regards to the current FISA memo fiasco, may have had some sort of cryptic message embedded into it.

wray, schristopher
FBI Director Christopher Wray (FBI/Flickr)

“While Democrats and Republicans argue over the veracity and impact of the long-anticipated FISA memo, FBI Director Christopher Wray – who despite being appointed by President Trump opposed his push to have the memo released — sent a heartfelt note to the bureau’s rank and file employees, reassuring them that this, too, shall pass, and thanking them for their dedicated service,” Zero Hedge reported late last week.

The questionable line in Wray’s note reads: “Remember: keep calm and tackle hard.”

Could this be some sort of coded message relating to Sunday’s Super Bowl and, if so, what does it mean?

Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Team provides security in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota during the week leading up to Super Bowl 52. This photo shows some of the SRT agents providing security around the Minneapolis Convention Center. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Flickr)

The rundown

To recap, so far, we have a freshly inserted NFL Security Chief who was the former D.C. police chief during the Obama Administration who just last week replaced a Minneapolis-based security firm with G4S (known to have ties to the CIA) amid the first ever Super Bowl to have two American-themed teams playing against each other.

Do you realize the magnitude of this? If a terror attack or staged false flag were to occur during Sunday’s game it would be devastating to America’s facade and would allow the deep state to retaliate against another boogyman enemy, like al-Queda, which would, in turn, ultimately allow the gears of war to turn yet once again.

Philidelphia Eagles owner’s Wikipedia page, death date, edited, changed to Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018, despite the fact that he is still alive

Philidelphia Eagles NFL team owner Jeffrey Lurie (Angie Six/Flickr)

Jeffrey Lurie is the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and an actor and producer, as his IMDb and his Wikipedia state.

However, Lurie’s Wikipedia was recently altered to show that he died on Feb. 4, 2018, on Super Bowl Sunday.

Moreover, the New England Patriots coach Ernie Adams was listed as dying on 4 Feb. as well. The ominous edits were made on 29 Jan, as seen below.

Could such an edit suggest an impending terror attack or staged false flag during Sunday’s game?

The Sum of All Fears

In the 2002 Hollywood film Sum of All Fears starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman, “CIA analyst Jack Ryan must stop the plans of a Neo-Nazis faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia’s newly elected president by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore.”

Remember this?

Sum of All Fears (2002) film trailer:

To top it all off, if that’s not enough, CNN is planning to cover Sunday’s game live for the first time ever in the agency’s broadcast history.

This is a major red flag people!

Potential bioterror threat

The following Minnesota Depart Ment of Health document was submitted by an Intellihub reader Sunday afternoon. (Please follow @BasedBasterd on Twitter)


Former Intelligence analyst speaks about potential terror threat to Super Bowl LII

A former intelligence analyst, known only as Zach, talks about the threat on The Alex Jones Show.

Zach was taken in and questioned by the FBI just days after he called into The Alex Jones Show on Oct. 31, 2017, and confirmed Intellihub Founder and Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellas’ report which presented the theory that the 1 Oct. Las Vegas massacre was conducted via a helicopter air assault. Zach confirmed Ambellas’ analysis was “spot on.”

shep and alex
Alex Jones in the studio with special guest Shepard Ambellas. Oct. 31, 2017. (Intellihub) Screenshot via The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube

During the broadcast, Zach also mentioned that the deep state-backed Saudi Arabian-based private military company ETS Risk Management was “on the ground” on the night of the shooting.

Related: What is CNN?

Let’s get this information out to everyone, just in case. There is still a chance to thwart the deep state’s plan.

Spead this far and wide people!

Hat tip: @Tabertronic on Twitter 


Hollywood film predicts 2017 Super Bowl LI was the last

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