When there is a natural or man made disaster having your whits about you could mean the difference between life and death. Having the proper information, supplies and plans will keep your mind in a calmer place. Disasters are very, very high stress situations. Having a little peace of mind could put you in a better place to be able to help someone else, like your spouse or your child. Being all freaked out, because you have never thought about it, done anything about it and believed the government was coming to “save you” is the absolute wrong approach.

In 1996 a tornado ripped through Nashville leaving a trail of destruction just outside of my window. When it arrived I was at work on the other side of town. The tornado’s path was literally three blocks from my home. When I was able to get to a TeeVee and see what was going on and what happened I knew my house would be disappeared. The devastation that was displayed was overwhelming. What I saw on TeeVee was nothing in comparison to seeing it first hand.

The tornado first stopped in Downtown and blew windows out and roofs off some of the skyscrapers. Gaining momentum it moved into my neighborhood where hundreds of homes, power lines, trees uprooted, you name it, all damaged or destroyed. The city kept functioning but there were vast areas that you couldn’t drive through, no power and very dangerous to be in due to looting. My house, my entire block, was spared. A couple of the homes on one end suffered some minor damage, but the homes still functioned.

Electric fireball surges through Louisiana powerlines following a transformer failure: Shock video

These are the types of SHTF scenarios that we should all be preparing. Had this tornado decided to stay on the ground a while longer, as the swarms of tornado’s did in Alabama and Missouri a few years ago, who knows how much worse it could have been.

As Tess Pennington, Ready Nutrition, describes  in her latest article:

What You Will Be Up Against

While it is entirely possible to survive in the city, you need to know what you will be up against. I realize that I am painting a very bleak picture, but those who stay behind and choose not to bug out are either under prepared, trapped in the city or have enough skills and know-how to make it on very little stored resources. The latter will not be the majority. Therefore, be prepared for roaming gangs, thugs and desperate individuals who have resorted to a more primal version of themselves. They will do what they need to in order for their needs to be met. If they haven’t eaten in days, they will smell your food from miles away, so you need to know how to mask the smells of your food or you could be welcoming unwanted visitors whose primary focus is to take what you have.


Security will be crucial in surviving in an urban setting and having a group you can depend on will make it all the more secure. Many neighbors and friends living in close proximity will band together and help to fortify the homes or find a suitable location in a higher location so you can get a bird’s-eye view of the scenery.  One aspect that the city offers is a plethora of building materials to use for fortifying a home. If you start looking for fortifying plans now, you will have a better idea on what materials you will need. I also cannot stress how important it is to have a means of protecting yourself. If someone kicks in your door, they aren’t only looking for a cup of sugar. Having a firearm and knowing how to use it could make all the difference in the world.

As well, having a keen grasp on communication skills with your group to ensure your perimeter is safe and make sure you will have alerts to possible threats. Communication is key and you should have multiple forms of communication, especially if a family or group member ends up being separated. One of the greatest threats we all face in cities are terrorist attacks. They target highly populated cities with dirty bombs and chemical weapons, and what we saw in Brussels that is can happen in peaceful cities, as well. Today it was Brussels. Where will it be the next time they hit America? Protecting yourself is the only option to ensuring your family has what it needs, including gas masks to gauge against chemical and biological attacks.

I sat down with prepping/survival expert and author, Tess Pennington, to discuss various ways we could protect ourselves and our families should it be necessary. I feel confident, if the above scenario happened today, that martial law would be implemented. No-go zones would be established, military would be very visible all over the city. Got preps?

Off-grid power and your survival plans

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