(INTELLIHUB) — Test kits in the United Kingdom were found to be tainted with the actual SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pathogen which causes the deadly COVID-19 disease as the culling of the masses is being carried out on a worldwide scale.

Key components of COVID-19 test kits were found to have trace amounts of the deadly virus and could actually be responsible for spreading it, as The-Sun reports.

Another report from Intellihub reveals that U.S.-based testing kits could be giving false-positives.

According to the bombshell report: “Investigative journalist Dean Ryan claims that a pharma company with operations in California has been manufacturing Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests that are set up to provide a false-positive result. (i.e. Subjects who take the test will test positive for COVID-19)”


“We can now figure out here why there are so many positive tests around the world,” Ryan explained. “I have a mole inside there [NeoGenomics] who is now telling his own family, friends, and cohorts not to take the tests and when they asked why he said that they are making the test at… NeoGeonomics to be false-positive.”

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With the recent report out of The-Sun Dean and Ryan’s findings coupled with the fact that American citizens are now being forcefully tested for COVID-19, one can only assume that we are in a total state of medical martial law to the utmost extent.

Happening now in America

Did you know that American citizens are being detained and forcefully tested? What if this was happening to you? What would you do? What if the test was pre-infected as The-Sun reports? What then?

These are all questions that demand answers.

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