Teacher physically abuses Autistic 12-yo then calls him an ‘idiot’: Claims lawsuit

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‘Threw student onto floor against bookcase’

By Shepard Ambellas

LANSING, Mich. (INTELLIHUB) — According to a lawsuit filed against the Lansing School District, while filling in for another teacher at Gardner Leadership Law and Government Academy, a substitute by the name of Lester Duvall brutally abused a 12-year-old Autistic child, allegedly throwing him against a bookcase and onto the floor on the day of Oct. 7, 2014.

During the altercation Duvall apparently told the Autistic student to sit down. Once the student went on to use another pencil sharpener in the classroom, Duvall lost his cool “grabbed him by the arm, dragged him to the classroom door, and threw him on the floor and into a bookcase.”

Jennifer Garza, the victim’s mother, was furious when she found out what happened. And to make matters worse the school didn’t even inform her.

“My son is still suffering from this attack, which set back his educational progress and made him fear schools and teachers,” Garza said.

To make matters worse Duvall was only fined $300 despite the fact that he has a past history of abusive behavior. Needless to say now Garza is suing; according to her Duvall’s reckless actions have gone on more than a decade.

A local news back up Garza’s concerns, reporting:


Previous accusations against Duvall include him belting students to chairs, slamming students into tables, scratching a student’s face, holding a student’s head under water and touching the breasts and private areas of a female student.

“Lester Duvall’s violent attack on C.G. was predictable and preventable,” said attorney Peter Alfert, of California-based Hinton Alfert & Kahn, one of the law firms working on the case.


Garza and C.G. are seeking damages for C.G.’s injury, emotional distress and medical expenses through the lawsuit, which names the LSD, Duvall and seven other defendants connected to the district.

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