Tepco workers fail: 100 tones of radioactive water ‘8 million times above legal limit’ just leaked by mistake

If the problems and incompetence on Tepco’s part continue at the Fukushima nuclear facility, there may eventually be no life left in the pacific basin or the entire western hemisphere for that matter as things are taking a turn for the worst

By Shepard Ambellas

JAPAN (INTELLIHUB) — Astonishingly, in an epic fail, Tepco has admitted to spilling 100 tones of radioactive water said to be 8 million times above the legal radiation limit.

“The radioactive water couldn’t have been directed to the tank, because valves that should have been closed, were open” causing the radioactive leak, said a Tepco spokesman regarding the leak.

The utility company spokesman said that he “thinks” only 100 tons were leaved.

To no surprise a Tepco spokesman stated how they “think there has been no leakage into the ocean”.

Others have spoken up saying, as the water leaks into the ocean it will accumulate with all of the other radioactive particles leaked from previous mishaps, concentrating efforts to affect all life in its path for years to come. It was also pointed out in a report how the Japanese government is hiding behind Tepco, using the private utility as a tool to divert blame.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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